Who’s Who – Gen 1

Generation 1 Huffmans: An Empty Lot

ThisWho’s Who contains spoilers as it is a summary of generation 1 and is meant to catch you up. If you want to read it, however, gen 1 is only 26 Chapters.

Arturo “Arty” Huffman. Squeamish and lazy aren’t usually good traits for a 10-generation legacy founder, but well, the dice roll as they will. Arturo inherited land on the Island, a huge plot of empty, empty land. He built a shack and slowly made a name for himself.

Chana and Arturo were meant to be from the first time he set eyes on her, and she on him. In fact, she proposed before their first night was up, autonomously. Chana tended the land and her garden grew from a few small plants to a luxurious garden. Chana’s garden is featured in the short story When it Rains.

Samuel “Sammy” Huffman loved to look at the clouds and distant hills and imaged all kinds of amazing creatures and stories. He was the perfect big brother to his little sister.

Isabella, (named after Arty’s best friend Bella) was a cheerful child, always singing and dancing and following her big brother around. The two had the vast expanse of the empty island to run around and fight dragons and find seashells and fish. Although it was an idyllic childhood, it was a little too much solitude for Izzy.

Bella Olvera was married when she met Arturo just days after he arrived in Windenburg, otherwise she would have been an ideal spouse in my opinion. The two, of course, remained just friends, good friends, to spite me. Bella invited Arturo to join her creative club and remained a part of the family until she passed leaving her twins behind.

Stefanie and Rachelle spent half their childhood at the Huffman house, a few years older than Sam and Izzy, nevertheless the four enjoyed playing together. When their mother passed away, the moved out to Oasis Spring after their father remarried, but they stayed in touch. (Rachelle is featured in the short story Finding Happiness)