Huffman Legacy

huffmangenerations.pngArturo Huffman arrived in Windenburg at the behest of his aunt with nothing to his name. This is an extreme legacy and a prettacy only in the fact that our founder is, shall we say, unusual looking and I’m curious as to how his genetics will pass on.

Generation 1: Arturo Huffman

Close up of Arturo in his red track suit. He is blonde, has a thin mustache, and big ears. Behind him looms his empty lot.Read Gen 1 Posts (26)

This is our founding generation so abject poverty, homelessness, and true love are in store for you. From the moment Arturo arrives in Windenburg and realizes he owes taxes on his new land, to searching for the woman of his dreams, to trying to raise two kids in a tiny house, to making it big in the folk music industry, Arturo has done it all.

  • Who’s Who (Spoilers of Gen 1 characters)
  • Arturo Huffman & Chana Huffman
  • Bella Olvera’s Family

Generation 2: Samuel Huffman

Sam in his gym clothes on the lot, he is frowning.Read Gen 2 Posts (20)

Sam Huffman wanted a big family and he got it. The Legacy house had to expand three-fold from the tiny room Sam and Izzy had shared growing up to a complete four-bedroom home. But Sam was driven and his career as a sports therapist helped finance the additions as well as a gardener to keep up his mother’s garden. Quick note – After the interlude, I will write the final Gen 2 chapter.

  • Sam Huffman & Karen Flemming
  • Isabella Huffman

Generation 2.5: Life In Between

Beginning Nov 2

A brief interlude between the generations to tell the story of a year in the life. The twins are young adults and Pippin’s about to graduate from high school. Nothing could go wrong, could it?

  • Who’s Who (Character Introductions)
  • Elisa Huffman
  • Evelyn Huffman
  • Pippin Huffman

Generation 3: Pippin Huffman

Pip’s story is coming soon.