Jairo Drifter – Sulani Commune 02

Toddler and beaches go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or dolphins and mermaids. Or me and taking pictures of toddlers on beaches. (Warning for plenty of picture spam!) After having so much fun with Chanel, I was happy to keep our family going and luckily Jairo felt the exact same way about children.

First up is little Copper. Copper is Waylon and Jairo’s first child. (Note I say first!)

(Speeding ahead, cuz babies are boring). Copper clearly takes after Waylon – although he’s not a magic user.

Then it’s Waylon’s turn. Jairo is non-committal so he and Waylon have not tied the knot. And the two aren’t always the most faithful to eachother – but it’s all okay as they are strongly dedicated to each other. They just sometimes have some fun on the side – which has adorable consequences.

This is Drea. Drea is a magic user just like her father and has a sense of style that rival’s Chanel’s adorable look. She knows she’s adorable and is not afraid to steal the spotlight.

Sadly cuteness cannot last and eventually Chanel had to grow up.

So we’re down to two ocean dwelling toddlers.

So close in age, these two became very close friends! Living on the beach means that everyday can be a beach day and full of fun exploration, new shells, and sandcastles.

And I have to take full advantage of the cutest. (They grow up so fast! Sniff)

Which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes less pleasant. Sorry Chanel, you’ll have to clean that up now.

Chanel has taken to the water. She loves to swim everyday after school before she does her homework.

Waylon has continued to make the majority of the household money though painting even though Jairo finally quit his lifeguarding job and joined the conservation career. Despite this, Waylon still has plenty of time to practice magic (practical magic of course) and get some time in the sun.

Unlike Jairo, he has to be a bit more careful about the sun.

Bradley has been working hard at Uni – but the commute is killer. It leaves him just a little time on the weekends and late at night to spend with the kids and Chanel.

He’s stressed most of the time – but was able to make it home just in time for Copper’s birthday.

It’s like a little Waylon! ❤ It’s nice to have two kids to help clean up all the toddler messes!

Or not.

Psst. Wanna know a secret?

Did you spot it a few images back? Waylon and Jairo were expecting again! Meet Tungsten and our third spellcaster in the family! When it rains it pours. I’ve never really played spellcasters before this family and now I’m surrounded with them!

Tungsten takes much more after Jairo than his brother, Copper. Interesting how one brother looks like one parent and the other looks like the other parent. I would have expected more of a mix between them, like Drea is mixed.

It was a tough decision, but the commute was just too much. Bradley decided to move out to Breichester. Chanel had to make a choice of following her father or staying here with the rest of her family. She decided to stay with us – but is sure to call her dad all the time.

Farewell Bradley.

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Author’s Note: As promised I have filled this chapter with toddlers! Aren’t they just the cutest? I just wasn’t feeling Bradley’s story and he really was miserable all the time and always gone to work. Plus I wanted to concentrate more on the kids and their needs so someone had to go.

If you’re curious about the Drifters – I’ve been playing their family now for nine generations. (Although Jairo is generation 7 from our founder Shannon). He’s on the spare side of the tree though which always lags being that they’re the youngest siblings. (Family Tree -SPOILER warning but look on the right side for Jairo’s family.) The spoiler free version tree is Shannon > Emery > Tanisha > Caitlyn > Rez Phoenix Feather > Jairo.

Character details

Jairo Drifter

Jairo Drifter is a romantic child of the ocean, and self-absorbed. He has the beach life aspiration and is a treasure hunter. Jairo is bi, but swings more to men. He’s still discovering himself, and despite loving Waylon, hasn’t chosen to tie the knot although they are engaged. He acquired the single and loving it lifestyle from university. And since moving to Sulani he is also become outdoorsy and energic.

Waylon Hauata

Waylon Hauata is a kelptomaniac goof-ball, child of the ocean with a weak bloodline. His parents both premade sims: Lia Hauata and Emilia Charm. His aspiration is painter extraordinaire but he has no job. His paintings have earned him a small amount of fame around Sulani – two-star celebrity. He’s just become a spellcaster and is interested in practical magic. Scrubaroo!

Bradley St. Clair

Bradley St. Clair is an adventurous, gloomy, foodie. I invited him into the household not knowing MCCC had given him a daughter, but it seemed fun. His aspiration is odd for Sulani – Lord of the knits, but he’s a kindly old professor at heart – even though he is young. He has feelings for Jairo and they are not entirely unrequited. He got a C on his psychology degree despite my help on his last semester.

Chanel St. Clair

Chanel St. Clair stills loves the ocean but is a bit of a brainiac. She’s always pestering Jairo to explain about the native plants and sea creatures. She’s quite the responsible child and helps care for the others in her family. They may not be blood related, but that doesn’t mean much to her. They’re family and that’s what’s important.

Copper Drifter

Copper Drifter first born of Waylon and Jairo he takes after Waylon a bit more both in appearance and in magical potential He’s not a spellcaster, but that magical blood flows weakly through him. He loves playing with his half-sibling Drea and splashing in the water. He’s got a bit of mischief streak and loves goofing around. Pink and purple are his favorite colors.

Drea Hauata

Drea Hauata has a magical look with her father Waylon’s blond hair but her skin comes from her other parent. She’s a little angel and she knows it having the entire family wrapped around her little finger. It’s clear she’s going to have some amazing magical talent when she grows up if she isn’t already casting spells on all of us around her.

Tungsten Drifter

Tungsten Drifter we decided just to have a single night of fun and Tungsten was the not at all unwelcome result. He is the full brother of Copper, despite appearances. Unlike his elder siblings, Tungsten prefers to be around others and gets lonely easily. Perhaps because he’s the youngest child? You can always find him underfoot or following not that far behind.

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