Jairo Drifter – Sulani Commune 04

Waylon managed to achieve his master spellcaster aspriation. It’s really easy to max things out when you are getting double points for having the weak bloodline trait. I’d love for him to be able to becomes one the sages (the practical magic sage) and have folks show up at his doorstep to duel, ask for spells, and ask to become a spellcaster. But alas – that is not a career one can become.

So instead he’s moved on to spellcasting and it’s a lot slower going to get those potions through experimentation.

Tungston had his birthday and I failed to find a shot of his birthday cake day – but I’m sure it was really fun. He’s going for more brains than creativity. But has that beach look down pat!

Chanel loves swimming and reading. She’s studying to go to university – but hasn’t yet decided what.

I feel like Copper and Drea were children for ages, but I must have stopped taking pictures. They are adorable aged up though. Copper has taken a liking to his little brother now that he’s more interesting and not just a toddler running around.

However as I hinted at last time, he decided he hates fitness (and I the fool, let him). So my mater plan of swimming after school to work back up the fun is a pain with Copper. He does however seem to enjoy taking the boat out and then mooring it in useless places where I can’t get at it – or leaving it in his inventory.

He’s still really friendly and bringing folks home from school. He met one of the McKenna sisters there! (I moved my vampire save into my Drifter save. Wouldn’t he and Cheyanne be adorable together? They both love pink as well?) But I’m not up to guessing the orientation of my sims too early. Maybe they’ll just be friends.

Drea has a lot more going on than Copper though. She aged up into a fully fledged spellcaster and decided all of a sudden that what this commune needed was chickens. (Okay I decided we needed chickens, but I was not wrong – Ocean dwelling chickens are awesome!)

Drea loves Trouble.

Drea loves caring for our little chicken as well as being a newly minted child of the oceans. So she’s kind of a friend to all animals (but without the trait).

We went back to see how Donny and Janelle were doing. They ahve both aged up to teens as well. I think they might have been twins, but it’s hard to tell when you’re in the family for their birth. I do let my Drifters date and marry distant cousins – but these two are too close to the family to be in the running this generation. Shame, I love playing alien sims.

With Drea and Copper both teens, they needed their own bedrooms. (Although we ran out of money to furnish them). We opted for a multiple story complex and expanded the original kitchen. You can also kind of see that I finally put in a stair case. I had to do quite the platform on the second story to make it fit where I wanted to – but I like that each of the kids bedrooms have a step down.

I think the house is finally become a really really cool place. Waylon and Jairo’s finally have a decent room as well.

It’s such a great family to play even if I’m not taking quite so many pictures these days.

But I may have made a tiny “mistake”. I let Jario have fun with a young thing than came to visit since he’s a bit older now but wanted to prove he’s still got it. I only play with risky woohoo…

I fear this means ANOTHER toddler is on the way. (Evil grin)

Commune Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | …more?

Author’s Note: As you might tell with the chickens I took a small break from this family to play a lot of country living when it first came out (posts to come). I also finished off the Drifter and Switch generations and this family needs to catch up on the timeline. So the pictures are fewer than normal when I jumped back in. I do have a bit more cc items now mainly from Harrie and Peacemaker as they do AMAZING stuff and a little from Around the Sims for the clutter. I go in phases with cc – I love the look and ability to update my game, I hate remembering to remove/replace it all when I want to share a build.

If you’re curious about my Drifters – I’ve been playing their family now for nine generations. (Although Jairo is generation 7 from our founder Shannon). He’s on the spare side of the tree though which always lags being that they’re the youngest siblings. (Family Tree -SPOILER warning but look on the right side for Jairo’s family.) The spoiler free version tree is Shannon > Emery > Tanisha > Caitlyn > Rez Phoenix Feather > Jairo > (Copper & Tungston)

Character details

Jairo Drifter

Jairo Drifter is a romantic child of the ocean, and self-absorbed. He completed the beach life aspiration and is in the conservationist career. Jairo is bi, but swings more to men. He and Waylon still haven’t chosen to tie the knot but they are deeply committed. He acquired the single and loving it lifestyle from university. And since moving to Sulani he is also become outdoorsy and energic.

Waylon Hauata

Waylon Hauata is a kleptomaniac goof-ball, child of the ocean with a weak bloodline. His parents both premade sims: Lia Hauata and Emilia Charm. His aspiration is painter extraordinaire but he has no job. His paintings are our main source of income and it’s great to have a spellcaster around to scrubaroo and repairio from across the lot.

Chanel St. Clair

Chanel St. Clair stills loves the ocean but is a bit of a brainiac. She’s always pestering Jairo to explain about the native plants and sea creatures. She’s quite responsible and helps care for the others in her family. They may not be blood related, but that doesn’t mean much to her. They’re family and that’s what’s important. Her father has moved to Breichester to live closer to work so she visits there from time to time.

Copper Drifter

Copper Drifter first born of Waylon and Jairo he takes after Waylon a bit more both in appearance and in magical potential He’s not a spellcaster, but that magical blood flows weakly through him. Drea is is favorite sibling and he loves goofing around. Pink and purple are his favorite colors. He’s a very chatty sim and brings friends home from school all the time.

Drea Hauata

Drea Hauata is our magical child and she has her father Waylon’s blond hair. She’s a bit of a diva but more in appearance than in demands. She’s always after folks to recycle more and wants to be a painter like her father. She loves the ocean life and can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else. She loves teal and pink and wearing gold jewelry.

Tungsten Drifter

Tungsten Drifter second child of Waylon with Jairo. We decided just to have a single night of fun and Tungsten was the not at all unwelcome result. Unlike his elder siblings, Tungsten prefers to be around others and gets lonely easily. Perhaps because he’s the youngest child? You can always find him underfoot or following not that far behind.


    • They are the best! I have no idea why I like them so, but when Drea rolled the whim, I knew we had to have them

      There are no foxes around so they just running all over the beach. So cute!


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