This weekend (in between playing Rimwold), I spent a whole day building – over 10 hours! (And half the classrooms still aren’t decorated. Sigh)

Introducing: Sakura High School (A Modular HS for Storytelling)

07-13-16_12-28-44 AM
Sakura High School – I should really add a cherry blossom tree to the front.

I’ve noticed now and again for short stories or in my more story-driven stories, that I need school sets. Usually just for one shot. Who wants to spend the time building a complete school for one shot? Or maybe you make a nice classroom but don’t save it and then need it two chapters laters?

06-09-16_10-31-18 PM
Like this classroom – That’s all it is, a classroom built for a single shot.

My thought here was to create rooms that one might find in a high school that can be snapped together, like Legos. You can grab a room and hallway now when you need them and then later plop down other rooms as they come up, creating a Frankenstein school that has the rooms YOU need.

These are sets, for storytelling rather than gameplay (since the Get To School mod is broken as far as I’m aware). That’s one reason the classrooms are so tiny (6-10 chairs per room), you want to focus the events on your character.

07-12-16_10-34-43 PM
Assembled gym, office, locker rooms, and storage.

By no means is this build finished. I’m already missing the swimming pool and music room and as I said – I kind of burnt out and gave up decorating the classrooms for now. But it’s easy to create a plug and play rooms. I also focused on high school rooms – although Sakura Elementary school or Sakura University would be easy build the same way. Or even a Sakura Boarding School if you need.

07-13-16_1-13-24 AM
Frankenstein build – Library and classroom and hallway. Perhaps that’s all that’s needed.

Every room on this lot is available for download on the gallery separate from the lot. There are also blank template rooms of the three sizes (small, classroom, and medium) to decorate yourself.

The base school lot is required if you want to use this pre-assembled exterior or if you need the theater. To make the stage I had to use foundations, which means the seating area cannot be a room.

07-13-16_12-42-53 AM
Stage with ‘non-room’ seating area. Sigh.

The rooms on the main lot aren’t the finalize versions you might see on the gallery yet. (I had a game crash). But it’s a start.

You can find Sakura High School and all the rooms on the gallery under my username ra3rei – or the hastag #modularhs. I tried to pick rooms and such that you might need to write a story about.

07-13-16_12-45-14 AM
There are four floors of these hallways on the lot!
07-12-16_9-52-40 PM
Painting Class
07-12-16_10-54-42 PM
07-13-16_12-44-46 AM
Science Lab
07-12-16_9-54-10 PM
Math Room
07-12-16_11-12-32 PM
Computer Lab
07-12-16_11-24-27 PM
Principal’s Office
07-12-16_11-16-08 PM

And there are many more rooms. If there’s room you need for a simlit school story, let me know and I can add it. Or download the template, change everything and share your own school rooms.