House Tour – Shannon’s House

I finally finally figured out what was causing this house to be marked as containing CC. It was annoying because I tried extra hard to keep it cc free. It was the two family photos – once I removed them, voila! CC-free. So I’ve reuploaded it to the gallery. I’m de-cc-ing all my other Drifter houses in Newcrest so the lots pictured here aren’t the original lots. But the landscaping is untouched.


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Shannon’s House is a cozy little two bedroom designed to take advantage of the desert warmth. The entryway opens onto the dining room.


And the dining room opens directly back outside onto the patio living area. Good thing there aren’t thieves roaming around.

I’m reminded of the Beaker’s mansion in Sims 2…only completely different. But they too didn’t bother with doors.

Out the back is a small pool for those hot summer days.


Around back, there’s also Shannon’s small garden. Perfect for those budding horticulturists. The garden contains quite a few perfect plants.

  • Perfect Spliced Lemon, Growfruit, Plantain and Pear
  • Perfect Spliced Strawberry and Tomato plant
  • Perfect Spliced Chrysanthemum, Daisy, and Bluebell plant
  • Perfect Spliced Onion and Carrot plant
  • Perfect Strawberry
  • Perfect Carrot
  • Perfect Sage
  • Perfect Daisy
  • Superb Mushroom
  • Nice Elderberry
  • Nice Basil

Back inside and out of the sun is the kitchen.

And the single bathroom.

Then we head up the stairs.

The room at the top of the stairs can be any number of things, and office, den, playroom. But right now it’s set up as a shared bedroom. This was Casey and Emery’s bedroom.

The door leads to the land/balcony. I thought about connecting the two upstairs rooms, but I liked how it looked all separated.

There’s a chess table on the balcony overlooking the various levels below. I really enjoyed how many different shapes this build took.

The final room is the “master” bedroom. With floor to ceiling windows, but not much else.



Lot Details

Lot Name: Drifter 001 – Shannon
Cost: §40,381
House Size: 2Br 1Bath
Lot Size: 20×15 (Agave Abode – Oasis Springs)
Traits: None

This is on the gallery under ra3rei.

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