House Tour – Casey’s House

For Casey’s house, I was inspired by Blackgryffin’s Rice Paper Wall custom content. So I knew from the start CC was going to be an issue. This version is the nocc version so the items and cost are a little different from the challenge. But I tried to keep it comparable. Again the nocc houses are being built in Newcrest so the surroundings are ALL wrong – especially for this house.

I love the idea that from the font this house looks like a normal one storey house…

…but from the back – it’s completely open. It makes me giggle and think of secret boxes and hidden drawers.

The focus of this house is, and always will be the zen garden in the back. On its original lot, the garden look’s over Willow’s Creeks river …er creek? And lovely fishing spot. So it feels a bit more private than here in the bustling suburb of Newcrest. The bamboo screen doesn’t do much with the sidewalk and neighbors right there.  The bamboo screen doesn’t do much with the sidewalk and neighbors right there.

The original inspiration for this means that the walkway around the garden should actually be sliding walls that you can open or shut. But for this build, we had to leave it open. Kinds of leaves the house looking half-finished, but we ran out of time and money in our challenge. And the walkways would have been very narrow for the sims.

Instead, I tried to give it a more open feel with the window doors. In a reversal of Shannon’s house that I only just now realized, the living room is “inside” here and the dining “outside”

Instead of walking into the dining room you walk into the living.


Again the house has a tiny kitchen. But much nicer appliances.

True to a Japanese style home, the bathroom is split between the toilet and bathing which are on opposite ends of the house. The shower is by the kitchen.

And the toilet is over at the far end past the bedrooms.

Our two bedroom are pretty identical. With the kid’s room being just a tidge smaller.

Lastly back out front is Casey’s Garden.

  • Pristine Chrysanthemum
  • Pristine Bluebell
  • Pristine Apple Tree
  • Magnificent Snapdragon
  • Great Poison Fireleaf
  • Great Spliced Elderberry and Noxious Elderberry bush
  • Great Muckleberry bush
  • Good Blackberry bush

Overall I liked where I was going with this house, I think I’ll have to try again though with a larger lot and bigger budget. And all the Japanese CC I can find!


Lot Details

Lot Name: Drifter 002 – Casey
Cost: §46,669
House Size: 2Br 1Bath
Lot Size: 20×15 (Crick Cabana – Willow Creek)
Traits: None

This is on the gallery under ra3rei.


  1. Sadly again the pictures did not show up for me. This is a first. Yours is the only one that doesn’t show up and I’ve always seen yours as before … I will have to try to see them on my PC


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