Lucky Hospital

Apologies, I accidentally published this this morning without the pictures. So if you’ve been looking for this, I’m sorry.

Once I figured out you could rebuild the work lots from Get to Work, I knew I had to do that. I’d been playing the Maxis hospital for several months with Nebula and it was just too spacious. Half my time was wasted going to get new patients or taking them to the treadmill. And if I was so foolish as to stop paying attention they might head ALL the way to the vending machines and it would be years before I could get them back to the patients.

I knew a small hospital was needed. This is Lucky Hospital.

It’s more compact, although having played it there are some oddities that I would probably tweak in the future. One of my Drifter 006 family members works at the hospital so I’m finally giving it a thorough play-through.

First off the waiting lounge, which includes coffee and snacks for hungry patients and doctors alike. If you’re coming here to give birth, spouses can wait here and grab a snack if they’re hungry and still not miss the birth of their child. Doctors who wish for a snack in the middle of their shift can jump right back into the action.

There is a small bathroom off the side of the lounge as well. And yes, Vlad is our receptionist. He’s a very hard worker and doesn’t ask for any money. Past the double doors we have access to a surgery room or equipment room. The patient beds are down the hall.

Behind the front desk is quick access to the doctor’s lab where they can analyze samples to their heart’s content.

There are three rooms with patient beds. A private doctor’s office room.

A large multi-bed room.

And a two-bed room on the “far” side of the building. This room I’ve actually used twice in short stories. Both On the Inside and Frozen Memories had hospital scenes taken in this room.

On either side of that is a second equipment room on the left.

And a larger second surgery on the right.

There is not much landscaping. I was afraid to add too many benches and distractions for visiting sims. I’d rather them get into the hospital and back out as needed.

As I said at the beginning there are a few minor bugs I’m finding as I play through the doctor career again. (Births have been just fine). The first is that the beds in the two bed room should face the other way. It feels weird to walk into the room and see the patients back. The second is that the lab assistant seems to get stuck in the single patient room. I need to rearrange it to make sure there’s plenty of room to get out.

The hospital is on the gallery if you’re interested.


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