Apocalypse Starter

This isn’t a true starter home. It costs over §30,000. But the cost is mainly in decorations – not in the quality of the actual goods. This was Adam’s house in the Apocalypse Prequel challenge that I’m working on.

02-28-19_11-41-25 PM.png

The first floor is designed like a basement, but it’s not sunk into the ground or anything – (I’d do it if I could poke the floor only halfway out so the windows peaked over. But sadly that is not possible.) But that’s why there are no doors on the supposed first floor.

On the roof is my “water tank” which provides all the water needed for the house – if you’re generous about my piping perhaps not quite lining up.

02-28-19_11-42-01 PM.png

On the left of the house is the generator. All the power in the house connects to this machine. I had fun stringing those lights so the basement listening machine can be powered. Most of the lighting inside is done with candles.

02-28-19_11-41-47 PM

The house is of course, 8×8, but I cut out a tiny little spot to tuck in the mailbox and trashcan. Upstairs is the laundry. I tested it and Adam was able to do the laundry and then hang it up on the clothesline. I was so happy….and then we tried to take the laundry down. Sadly, I ended up having to move the washbin to downstairs patio.

03-02-19_10-04-08 AM.png

Once inside you are in the kitchen. As I’m now in phase three, the fridge has been removed and the stove was replaced with a grill. But the kitchen is functional in both cases.

02-28-19_11-44-17 PM.png

As an apocalypse starter, I try to make sure that I use as many 1×1 objects as possible – once the real challenge starts you can no longer move around furniture that is bigger. So two small tables means I can seat four and move them around depending on the future.

02-28-19_11-43-22 PM.png

Same with the living room. Here it shows the cc-free bookcase which is unmovable. In my game I replaced it with two smaller bookcases that have a lot more slots for holding things.

02-28-19_11-43-30 PM.png

The roof? yeah – looks weird inside doesn’t it. I was trying something interesting. All along the interior of the roof are small windows that are open to the house below. It adds some more light in the daytime. But yeah – the corners inside look odd.  I need to practice more.

02-28-19_11-43-45 PM.png

The bathroom is back down the hallway next to the dining room.

02-28-19_11-44-09 PM.png

It’s my favorite. I need to clutter the rest of the house up enough to match this. As as a warning, the candles under the sink need to be moved otherwise you can’t use it. I just put them to the right by the plastic box and it worked fine. I need to learn to playtest BEFORE I post.

02-28-19_11-44-23 PM.png

02-28-19_11-44-37 PM.png

Downstairs is pretty sparse as I don’t want to box myself in too much before the main challenge. I actually didn’t even need to add the bed. Adam’s never used it.

For now, it’s Adam’s workspace and workout space.

03-03-19_8-39-17 PM.png

03-03-19_8-39-22 PM.png

So yeah, very empty. I’m planning to make this two rooms, one as the master bedroom and the second and a room for the kids. The weird empty box by the stairs I left in place for it’s potential. I’m thinking maybe adding a subbasement in the future.

03-03-19_8-39-42 PM

The build is on the gallery under ra3rei. It uses…almost ALL the packs as per my usual since it’s a build for myself. It costs §31,536 and is found under the name Adam’s Apocalypse Starter.

2019-03-03 20_16_13-Window


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