It’s been a week since I last posted. Due to other obligations (you’ll see why on AKiss4Luck’s channel soon I think), I haven’t been able to play Sims as much this past week. But I have three updates drafted out that should be going up this week. So there’s something to look forward to.

I’ve been trying to avoid starting another challenge since I’d really like to finish this Legacy first before I distract myself with another. (You’ll notice I’m not able to play Skyrim at the same time as Sims and I still plan to get Leona up to level 50 – not to mention the other two stories I have thought of for that game as well. Ack so little time). But there are several that seem interesting to me and it’s getting harder to force myself to keep focused on just one thing.

Off the Grid and Wonder Child are both short challenges. In Off the Grid you try to have a sim achieve the botanist aspiration while living with no power. I’d love to get Austin to do this, but like most challenges you have to start with a CAS sim. I wish there was a way to keep the genetics but reset the skills they’d learned before young adult. I might cheat and do an alter-version of this challenge so I can use him.

The Wonder Child challenge focuses all your energies in trying to raise the best child possible. Not sure who from the Pigglewiggle legacy would enjoy that, but I’ve had a couple family oriented sims so far. Again that’s not permissible for the challenge rules since the starting sims have to be CAS sims. It’s a bit more min/max play style than I normally like but it’s more of  a weekend challenge. So I’ll probably give it a whirl and then use the wonder child in another challenge.

The Roomie challenge  is very chill with the Sim’s free will leading the way. The rules are more about when you can and can’t interfere with their life. As a micro-manger it’ll be good for me to sit back and watch for once. For this one I WILL be using a Pigglewiggle branch. Probably Arthur Pigglewiggle though (My lazy bodybuilder) as he sounded like fun. The game play seems really chill and after all the point calculations and such of this legacy (in particular this generation) it’s looking fun. But the sims are on long lifespans so it’ll take a while to complete. But perhaps a good way to relax while doing shorter challenges?

Lastly the Rosebud Challenge is another long multi-generational event, defiantly not one to start before I finish my current legacy. Basically you’re just trying to get to 1,000,000 simoleons in a family starting with nothing for however many generations as it takes. Again until I figure out if you can wipe skills from a sim, not one that any Pigglewiggle branch family can do, boo. But it might be good to have a second legacy type family to balance the Pigglewiggles out. The Pigglewiggles are all about creativity, not finances.