AJ is doing the yawn arm move to get his arm around Carmin.

Step 16: Returning to the Story

The house and this story have gone slightly out of control, so I’m going to do my best to rein it in and present the STORY behind the chaos. The older kids are all slowly leaving the house while the youngest set are just starting to be born. Deep Breath.

Bond was the first to leave after his whirlwind romance with Yasmin. They both enjoyed dancing, as they spent half their courtship dancing together, and she obviously found his jokes enjoyable which was a huge boost to this budding comedian. They had little Clarence a couple days after they moved in with Uncle Phillip.

Yasmin walking through the park obviously pregnant.
Confirmed. Time for Bond to move out.

Nikia had more trouble finding someone, she was semi-friends with a neighbor teenager, but we couldn’t get the cake working so she moved on to look elsewhere. She found an attractive sim at the museum but despite their conversations she forgot to get his number and she couldn’t reconnect. Finally she met Gerald and after a gold-star date in the park she decided he was the one for her. They bought a house and moved in just in time to welcome baby Nathaniel.

AJ is doing the yawn arm move to get his arm around Carmin.
AJ making a move at the park on his date with Carmin.

AJ was the star of this generation as he completed his aspiration to be a collector-curator one day after he aged up to young adult. (He would have finished faster, but I kept forgetting to breed the frogs). Since he gained the romantic trait, I figured it was fitting for him to go for the soul-mate aspiration next. Sadly, there won’t be room to keep him in the house. So far, he’s the sim I’ll miss the most from this generation. Once he finds someone, he’ll be moving in with Uncle Rudy.

Then we have our teenagers: Boris, Natasha, and Austin. All of them were C or B students in elementary school and are struggling to get Bs and As in High School. It usually takes me a day or so to move a sim out of the house since I want them to have children of their own, and that takes time away from my teenagers skilling up.

Boris STILL hasn’t met his 10 sims for the first step of his party animal aspiration. I’m not sure what he’s been doing because he doesn’t have many skills either. I should make him our back-up handyman or cook or something since he’s my heir and the one sim that is guaranteed to stay in this house.

Natasha cackles madly as she finishes her yogurt.
Mwahahaha. You thought I was all innocent!

Natasha was my previous all-star kid since she was the only one of my four kids who managed to complete the social butterfly aspiration (thank god, give me rambunctious scamp any day). But our darling girl aged up evil with a desire to be a public enemy. So she’ll be leaving the house to make room for little siblings the moment she ages up. I’m still not ready for that aspiration.

Probably to snub me for ignoring him for most of his childhood, Austin aged up wanting to be a freelance botanist. Which means Conan’s nearly perfect garden must come out of storage and we have to go back to trying to remember to water and tend the plants. Hopefully we won’t destroy any.

Austin watering plants in the middle of the night.
Please don’t forget to water the plants and kill them all…

During all this aging up and moving out, Cason aged up to elder. I didn’t even get him a cake. He’s on the last leg of the writer aspiration and I hope he can complete the bestsellers in time. I’m leaning towards giving him a youth potion as he’s tearing through his elder days super fast and I need him around if we are to adopt any kids once Coral reaches elder. As our resident handyman he’s finally getting around to upgrading the many ever-breaking sinks and radios that are in our house.

Coral reached the top of the secret agent career and is working to max mixology since she’s already maxed cooking and gourmet. As well as working on the last four children that we need to complete our 10 kids. I don’t want to have to do this again! Last I checked she’s still got 14 days until she becomes and elder and would have start adopting the kids.

Legacy Score: 36

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