Modern Secrets

I can’t claim full responsibility for this build. I saw it on TheSimSupply’s YouTube channel – and it was technically made by SimGuru Romeo with Jame’s help. But they didn’t finish it and they didn’t furnish it. At the end, their build looked very inspiring so I set about to continue their work.2019-02-23 23_23_18-The Sims™ 4.png

I ended up doing a little more than just add some furniture and kind of lost that bunker look Romeo was going for. (I didn’t know the new pack was coming!) But the basic structure and size is still the same.

02-23-19_11-14-30 PM.png

02-23-19_11-14-41 PM.png

02-23-19_11-14-52 PM.png

So yeah, more of a family home than a science bunker. I turned the carport into an open garage with side door into the house. It’s not very secure for thieves, but we tried not to put anything too valuable in there.

02-23-19_11-15-25 PM.png

Inside I had a lot of fun with the juxtaposition of blue-y green and browns. The dining room is the first room you walk into with the kitchen against the far wall.

02-23-19_11-15-44 PM.png

02-23-19_11-16-14 PM.png

To the left as you walk in, is the living room/glass roof. Move objects was 100% needed for this build. And the glass made the living room feel very exposed which is why I ended up building a wall around the lot. It feels much safer now – still open, but not quite like everything is in full view of the entire neighborhood.

02-23-19_11-15-52 PM.png02-23-19_11-16-04 PM.png

I’ve never found a good use for those Fitness stuff lights before! I really really wanted to add windows to the top floor looking over this room, but that proved to be impossible, even with moo – they wouldn’t place with the archways below.

The walkway to the downstairs bathroom is pretty fun. There’s a small fish tank on one side – and double glass windows that open into the swimming pool on the other side. It’s not easy to picture – so here’s a shot from the poolside view? I can’t help it, I love putting windows on my pools.

02-23-19_11-16-25 PM.png

Both bathrooms are pretty simple. Downstairs is just a half bath but it’s cat-ready. 😀 Upstairs has the tub.

02-23-19_11-16-32 PM.png

02-23-19_11-17-23 PM.png

In addition to the bathroom upstairs, there are two bedrooms. The landing was pretty fun to make. The half wall is open to the floor below and has full windows that look out onto the pool.

02-23-19_11-17-14 PM.png

The front room with the glass ceiling is currently decked out for a teenager or tween. Maybe someday they’ll let us color the inside of roofs differently than the outside so that the walls would properly blend. Oh well, it’s still pretty fun. Imagine watching the stars at night – or a rainstorm!

02-23-19_11-17-30 PM.png

The master bedroom is pretty simple. Although it has a sliding door out to the back porch. I’ve had a lot of fun recently using those upper windows on the slanted roofs. (Thanks for the idea, SimSupply!)

02-23-19_11-17-37 PM.png

The deck was an odd shape when Romeo made it. Sort of a bridge around nothing. I replaced the hole in the middle with a second story swimming pool. It’s pretty narrow – more of a lap pool perhaps.

02-23-19_11-17-45 PM.png

My favorite feature of this house – and one I did not touch – except to recolor. Is this archway! The door on the far left goes to the upstairs landing. I’m hoping the TV won’t spark out in the rain with the roof overhang, but it’s technically outside, so it might?

02-23-19_11-17-56 PM.png

I didn’t do much landscaping. Between the fence, the house itself, and a tree or three. I kind of left it bare. There’s a koi pond back there underneath the tree but the rest is open.

This house is also in the gallery under the name Modern Secrets – and as usual, I’ve managed to use almost all the packs. Lol. Oh! And it may be missing the front steps. When I took these screenshots just now I noticed they were missing.

2019-02-23 23_44_56-The Sims™ 4.png

Happy Simming!


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