Apocalypse Prequel – Phase 3

I never managed to finish this back when StrangerVille came out like I meant to. I’m terrible at finishing things. But I’ve been wanting to restart the Apocalypse challenge now that we have solar panels and water collectors. So I ended up finishing this prequel.

Apocalypse Prequel’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 probably should be read first.

  1. I ended up having aging turned off during the prequel and not moving anyone in or starting my family. But I think during phase three you could move in a spouse – but not play them until the prequel is over. If you leave aging on. I like that idea.
  2. I bought an observatory to fulfill the watch the sky requirement for the career. This matches the main apocalypse challenge which lets you use items that aren’t unlocked yet if they’re needed to advance your career.
  3. It was so annoying to get to level 10. I would def. recommend starting your family in phase three. The limits are pretty much all in place now and I think it would add to the challenge to do this – or make the whole apocalypse gen 1 start with this career unlock.
  4. I’m playing around with the unlock rules that Pinstar made so my following apoclyapse is going to be a bit different.

Phase 3

The town is filled with spores and filled with the infected. Whenever Adam had to spend any time outside, we had him wear the biosuit. Now that he’d made his first vaccine and cured himself, we didn’t want to get re-infected.

Food is much more of a challenge in phase 3 since grilled fish is about all he can eat, and without a fridge, it doesn’t keep. Good practice for the main challenge, I guess. The personal inventory restrictions (which aren’t in place yet as they are my least favorite part of the start of the challenge).

Adam has his work cut out for him, gathering spores and making the vaccine. And then more vaccines. And writing reports to get him to level up at work. He needs to get to level 10 before we can fight the mother.

Adam spent his free days heading to the lab to create the vaccines needed to recruit three lukcy people to help defeat the mother. He asked three of his coworkers, Raina, Osvaldo, and Jonathan to assist and they all (eventually) agreed.

Raina and Jonathan were both infected before they were recruited and were particularly anti-mother. Very keen to help.

I’d forgotten a lot about how the battle works. Basically you have four group commands that you can do at any one time. Once it runs out you can pick another. Be careful, charge, take a breather, and warbling war cry. And there are a couple infected folks that will fight your heroes.

Our battle began with a warbling war cry. Raina ran in first. She was annoyed her mind being controlled by the mother and her husband had been missing for the past few days – presumed controlled as well. The warbling war cry kept the infected off us while we peppered the mother with mists of vaccines solution.

We took a bit of damage from the mother at first. Mostly due to my utter lack of remembering that the group commands were there and how they worked. We took a quick breather to reduce our own infection levels.

Jonathan was overcome with fear when the mother was first revealed. He waited in the corridor for the first half of the battle before finally joining in. (I only realized later I could have individually commanded him to join in by clicking on him. But at least he joined in the end.)

But during the lull in the fighting, as we sought to quickly bind our wounds, he jumped in to help and we commenced the second half of the fight. Osvaldo lead the charge.

Osvaldo was so intent on fighting the mother that he missed being attacked from behind by one of the infected. They got into a fight and you would think…with muscles like those, Osvaldo would win. He did not and was knocked out cold for the last third of our battle.

Charge! We attacked the mother full one, using the full power of our sprayers. I’d used my three vaccines I’d made to reinoculate my companions – which might have been a mistake as we could have used them against the mother.

But that final attack was all we needed (even with Osvaldo out). And the mother was defeated. Raina ran over to help Osvaldo back up. While Jonathan and Adam celebrated the win.

Adam headed back outside to find the weather cleared and normal. (Here’s to hoping it’ll rain now). And I did one final run through of the house to get it ready and Adam quit his job.

Final planning for the Apocalypse Challenge.

  1. We moved lots to be closer to the fishing spot – it took forever to walk to it every morning during this challenge.
  2. I added rooms to the basement and removed all the illegal items – Adam’s observatory, punching bag, and any electric lights. Also removed many the decorative items that don’t make sense (the ‘generator’ and ‘water collector’) I’d added since they’re in the game now and probably should be unlocked somehow.
  3. Changed the lot to Off-the-grid and changed the plumbing to off-the-grid plumbing.
  4. Continued modifying unlock requirements. (I have a spreadsheet. All the best games have spreadsheets. 🙂 )

See you in the apocalypse! (Yes, we beat the mother on Harvestfest…)


  1. Since this was also my first time completing the Strangerville aspiration it took me forever lol. She was back and forth making those darn vaccines because I didn’t realise I needed so many and I battled to get spores as I was not collecting them from the plants at the lab so I’d only get one or two here and there and her spore finder kept going flat. So glad that part is done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same! I had done the challenge twice now – but it had been forever and I forgot about the vaccines! I wasted a couple by mistakenly giving them to folks I’d already recruited. And woot for finishing!


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