Childe 1: Starting a Wonderchild

[Edit: Totally forgot to credit Pinstar for this fun challenge. Check the rules out here:]

04-11-15_3-14 PM

04-11-15_3-42 PM

04-11-15_4-02 PM

04-11-15_4-26 PM

04-11-15_4-13 PM

04-11-15_5-31 PM-2

04-11-15_4-46 PM

04-11-15_5-47 PM

04-11-15_7-25 PM-3

04-11-15_6-09 PM

04-11-15_6-59 PM

04-11-15_8-13 PM

04-11-15_7-55 PM-2

04-11-15_6-08 PM-3

04-11-15_7-44 PM

04-11-15_7-43 PM-2

04-11-15_8-40 PM-4

04-11-15_8-41 PM-3

Chapter 2: Zzzjuice and 3am Studying >


  1. Hahaha! This is SO funny! I was just commenting on bbqpenguinwingstrish ‘s blog about how much I enjoy stories that are all told in picture! (That way I can still “read” when my eyes are soooooo tired…) Anyway, super fun! And HOW fun to have a half-alien Wonder Child! 🙂


    • Glad you enjoyed it – I did write some posts for this story – but they focus on the child. I wanted to tell the rest of the story (like these two’s romance) and I really like how it worked.

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  2. This was an enjoyable chapter. I liked being able to fill in the blanks without the need for words. I’m guessing the female is actually an alien. I read the Pinstar Wonder Child rules and it made more sense to me. The fact that he got pregnant too made me laugh.

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