TI – Finding Love

Welcome Back! The shop is going well.

12-31-15_11-13-49 PM

12-31-15_11-31-02 PM

It’s hard to keep everything in stock. Soon she will be able to pay off her 22,000 simoleon loan.

There’s new customers in the store today.

01-02-16_3-21-22 AM

Gunter and Natlei hit it off well, but they’re just friends.

01-02-16_4-41-32 PMNatlei is staying focused on her goal, but perhaps a little flirting is okay. Looks like the feeling is mutual.

01-02-16_4-56-25 PM

Celebration day! Today Natlei is a full citizen! She has paid off her loan.

2016-01-02 16_11_31-

Now she can get married if she wants and Natlei know just who to call.

01-02-16_4-51-31 PM

01-02-16_5-02-19 PM

Natlei has invited Gunter over. It’s a very special day.

01-02-16_5-10-23 PM

Birthday! Happy birthday Natlei! Happy birthday Gunter!

01-02-16_5-14-09 PM

01-02-16_5-50-59 PM

Gunter has a question for Natlei.01-02-16_11-53-06 PM

The answer is yes, of course. So it’s time for a proper wedding. But Natlei can’t wait for the ceremony – they decide to get married outside instead.

01-03-16_12-06-13 AM

Starting on generation 2.

01-02-16_5-53-15 PM

Now that Gunter has moved in, he helps out at the store.

01-03-16_12-53-25 AM

But he spends most of his time writing in the tiny office we built him.01-02-16_7-52-48 PM

He reads over each of his books after he’s finished them while he waits for Natlei to get off work. 01-03-16_1-36-17 AM

And then helps with restocking at the end of the day.

01-02-16_8-09-13 PM

Congratulations Natlei and Gunter! Looks like it’s almost time for generation 2.

01-03-16_1-47-48 AM

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