TI – Next Generation

I had some fun playing my TIC (Tiny Immigrant Challenge) save this weekend, so here’s an update on Natlei’s life.

01-03-16_3-58-22 PM
Gunther is totally enamored of his son, Aarde.
01-03-16_4-37-29 PM
Life in a tiny house means if you don’t want to eat outside (we got to move one room outside when Aarde became a child) you eat on the bed.
01-03-16_4-54-31 PM
New child, new store. Our toy store gets a facelift.
01-03-16_4-54-33 PM
Although after rebuilding we didn’t have a lot of money for merchandise. Oops.
01-03-16_5-05-06 PM
Luckily the store remains really popular. (That’s Alexander Goth Natlei’s ringing up, by the way).
01-23-16_3-15-36 PM
Gotta stay in shape.
01-23-16_1-52-33 PM
With a park next door, it’s easy to know where Aarde is. But since it’s late, he should probably head home.
01-23-16_1-29-13 PM
You know, it seemed like a good idea a the time…then I remember they only have a six by six house. Oh well. Baby number two is on the way. (I blame Gunther, he had the whim to try for baby.)
01-23-16_2-36-18 PM
We moved the dining room outside since Natlei loves the outdoors. It’s a good place for the family to all get together.
01-23-16_3-10-32 PM
Hello Gigi. Gunther is just as attentive with baby number two.
01-23-16_3-19-14 PM
Natlei has maxed dancing by the way. And when the only other way to maximize fun in the house could result in more children. Natlei and Gunther are happy to stick with less dangerous means of procuring fun.
01-23-16_3-19-38 PM
Dance like it’s 1999?
01-23-16_5-15-48 PM
Father-son bonding.
01-23-16_5-32-59 PM
I decided bunk bed made sense in the house. Yes, they’re only decorative since you can’t get to the top bunk. But they look good.
01-23-16_5-34-03 PM
Still so terribly in love.
01-23-16_5-17-59 PM
Gigi is all grown up. These two make the cutest kids.
01-23-16_5-40-14 PM
Birthday time, Gunther.
01-23-16_5-42-31 PM
Looking good sir, looking good.
01-23-16_6-03-40 PM
Gigi loves to play the violin. (She’s our resident goofball).
01-23-16_6-03-58 PM
Aarde is working hard to get a good grade in school so he can get an A. Homework never seems to bother him. (He’s a perfectionist).
01-23-16_6-14-49 PM
After school, they play in the back office at the store.
01-23-16_6-21-06 PM
Business is really booming. (And yes, we now have Ninjapigs for sale!)
01-23-16_7-32-04 PM
Final day of childhood. Time for selfie, Aarde.
01-23-16_7-32-44 PM
This is pretty much the extent of their living space right now. Oh! And happy birthday!
01-23-16_7-43-27 PM
Isn’t he a hottie!!? I think he’s a fine looking sim.

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