Ghost 7 – Babbling

“Do you think she’s okay?” Sofia asked as Hank joined her for breakfast. “Last night she was talking alone in her room.”

“I read that babies often babble to themselves when they going to sleep. It’s called self-talk.”

05-10-16_10-58-44 PM

“For hours? I think that’s why she’s been all whiny these past few days.”

Hank wasn’t surprised. He’d passed by Julia’s door at night and heard her talking to herself about the day’s events. It was pretty cute, none of it made sense yet, but you could tell she was trying. “I think the website said if it was interfering with her sleep we should put her to bed earlier. But it’s normal, she’s learning strategies on how to put help herself to sleep.”

“You’re working on the house today?” Sofia asked.

Hank nodded. “I’m hoping Lucas and I can get the rest of the windows in upstairs. I think some of them are leaking again.” Hank sighed, he’d started finding puddles again. The windows were just too old.  He wasn’t surprised they leaked when it stormed, but he just hoped it wasn’t the plumbing again. “You?”

05-07-16_9-35-04 PM

“I’m meeting your sister at the park for lunch. You should join us.”

“I’ll have to pass if I’m going to get all this work done, but tell her and Guppy I say hi.” Hank was glad to see his sister out and about. That old house they’d grown up in could easily be classified as a mausoleum. If any place deserved to be haunted, it was the Pigglewiggle mansion.

“Sofia!” Ari called out as Sofia set Julia down. She hurried over. “How’s my niece?”


“She’s fussy today, watch out,” Sofia warned and true to form, Julia started squirming the moment Ari picked her up. Ari gave her a quick cuddle and then set her back down. She crawled over to the sandbox.


Sofia shrugged. “Probably, she’s got most of her teeth already, but perhaps there’s a couple new molars coming in.”

05-07-16_9-46-25 PM “I’m so glad Guppy is done with all that,” Ari laughed.

“Ah, but you’ve got a lot of new things to worry about now.”

“School and homework, I know,” Ari groaned.

“Girls and driving,” Sofia teased.

“He’s not that old yet!” Ari protested.

05-07-16_10-38-16 PM

“He will be soon,” Sofia laughed. “And he’s going to be a cutie and you know it.”

The two women caught up on news while they watched Julia play. Sometimes Sofia wished Guppy was younger so the two could play together, but she knew it couldn’t be interesting to play with a toddler when you were seven.

Eventually Ari’s husband, Minsk, called them over for lunch. Sofia laughed at the ease with which her sister-in-law flirted with her husband. She wished Hank could have made it so she wouldn’t be all alone. But the house always came first. She didn’t mind that normally. And it wasn’t like he didn’t give her plenty of attention. She wondered how much longer she could avoid telling him her news.

05-07-16_9-44-04 PM

Once lunch was over, it was time to head back home so Julia could take her nap.

Julia never protested her naps, and always fell asleep so quickly compared to when they put her down for the night. She was getting so big now. It was hard to remember than just a few months ago she had been so tiny.

05-07-16_10-59-03 PM

Really it should be Ari warning her. Sofia was pretty sure Julia would be driving and dating all too soon.

“When are you planning to finish off this kitchen?” Lucas asked as they took a quick lunch break. He washed his hands in the sink to get the dried paint flakes off.

Hank’s mouth was full of hot dog, but he quickly swallowed. “It’s not that bad, is it?” He looked around the small kitchen.

05-04-16_12-53-43 PM

“It is very dated.” Lucas laughed. “I think this style hasn’t been IN style since my grandmother was a kid. I can get you a pretty good deal on cabinets and we can put some new counter tops in here. I’m not even going to mention the floor.”

Hank had gotten kind of used to the worn wood counters, but looking around anew? Yeah – the floor was bad. “I’ll have to look at the budget, but I think it can probably stretch to cover a new kitchen. I know Sofia would love that.” He nodded to himself half convinced already that he had his next project lined up.

I visit her a lot, at first it was to keep her company. She seemed so tiny in that crib and all by herself in that giant bedroom.

05-10-16_10-52-07 PM

Often she’s asleep when I visit. But that’s okay. When that happens I just keep and eye on her, and make sure she doesn’t wake up. She often wakes up in the middle of the night. She gives this little “coo” and looks around. Her face scrunches up like she’s going to cry, until she sees that I’m there. It feels good to know that I’m needed.

05-10-16_10-50-05 PM

If she’s awake when I visit, I tell her about my pictures and about the darkness. Talking her her has made me realize that not a lot of interesting things that happen to me. So when I ran out of things to tell her about me, I told her stories about James. About the boy in the pictures that I saw in the darkness.

Now that she’s older, we can do more together. Sometimes in the winter, I get to visit before her bedtime. She tells me about her day and I tell her about mine. She doesn’t really make sense yet. At least her words don’t mean much yet. But I find if I listen really hard, I can tell if her day was good or bad or what she’s feeling.


I find myself looking forward to the nights in a way I never have before.


* Bedroom Curtains by Mabra at Arte Della Vita
* Distressed furniture, floors, walls, and windows from Daer0n, mainly from the haunted house set
* Challenge details: CitizenErased14’s Ambrosia Challenge
* Cameo appearances by Ari, Minsk, and Guppy Pigglewiggle. Guppy is the gen 10 heir from my first legacy. I set both of Hank’s sisters and their kids in this save and am leaving them up to MCC’s fate. It was cute to watch Ari and Minsk flirt with each other the entire time!

Current Score 997 (-3 points for the ghost being in the same room as a non-heir)

Confession. Yes, I’m just as desperate as the next for toddlers – I have a feeling the game switch doesn’t really work – especially the outdoor one. But I figured I try it out just this once. I did have fun making her as a toddler. She’s a cute little thing.


  1. This is so weird, in a good way though. I had an idea yesterday to add pictures of sims 3 toddlers to my sims 4 story. It’s so cool that you’ve actually done it!


    • Hahaha! It must be in the air!

      This is the first time I’ve even thought to do it. And I’ve done a few game-crossing characters before, but those were always intentional.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great idea! The whole “unseen toddlers” thing is kind of awkward in my legacy but I doubt I’d have the patience with Sims 3 to do it. It doesn’t run well for me. Loving seeing the story develop!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha – normally I just ignore the jump and everything. I usually write “sims” rather than “real people” so it works out okay to completely ignore toddlers…. but I had ideas for the scene this time and though it might work.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Because of the patch the launcher has uninstalled all my sims 3 games. And it doesn’t work at all by just reinstalling ALL of them, because some of them i have as origin download so i’m forced to install the update. I have, however, found a less appealing solution: only install the ones i’ve got on disc. So i’ve just finished that and now i’m about to try and see if it works.


      • Ooh good luck with that. I didn’t notice if my game got the new launcher or not – I have most of my purchases through steam so I think not. But I’ve never clicked to play from origin. So I’ve been lucky.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I always click play through origin. I’ll try not to do that then because it looks like my store content still won’t appear ingame :/


          • Gah – that’s horrid! I worried so much when I saw all those launcher issues. I would have hoped it was just a case of reinstalling all the store content, but sounds like it’s more complex. Boo.

            Liked by 1 person

            • It’s definitely starting to look very complex indeed. Be thankful you’ve got yours on steam. That was one of the options to avoid the update, but i’m just not willung to buy all the games from scratch just to check if it would work… If i can’t get this to work, my only option is to reinstall it all again and then just not update at all. If even that will work…


              • Sadface – yeah rebuying it all would be a pretty penny – unless you were lucky and found a “buy everything for 20bucks” sale. I don’t think it comes that cheap… Luck to you!

                Liked by 1 person

                • Thank you. I ended up frustrated and went to play it on my laptop instead… I can’t figure out why it just won’t work on my desctop. Gah… Well, thanks for listening to my rants 😛 you write a great story, by the way 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                • Thanks, it’s really fun to write this one!

                  On the plus side it’s working on your laptop….? Okay that is utterly bizarre.


    • Yeah – 2 would be way to weird to use instead. 😛

      Yeah – he’s pretty much just been floating around drawing pictures since he returned…luckily time doesn’t really pass in the darkness. So having something to look foward to is really different for him.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I think there is a slight pull at night that is easy to ignore if he doesn’t want to leave the darkness. And with time being what it is, a drawing could take hours or days or years in the darkness. Even in his special semi-darkness.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! I’m thrilled. It’s so cool to see the gen 10 kids. I want to hear your observations about what they’re like! To me, gen 10 feels… well, like the number 10. Completion. Little Sempervirens is just very whole and low-key. She’s not show-offy about her awesomeness the way that gen 5 or 6 kids are!


  3. Love your use of TS3 for toddler Julia (even if it breaks my heart… *shakes fist at TS4*). The relationship between James and Julia is just wonderful. I love it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the TS3 toddler. I’m so upset with not having toddlers for storytelling purposes!!

    Ok I’m a bit confused and was hoping it would become clear. Is the narrator a separate ghost or is the narrator James? Or is there supposed to be some confusion still.

    I feel like James is the ghost in the darkness drawing the pictures but then the narrator refers to James by name sometimes. So yeah is the narrator separate or is the Narrator like another “voice” of James? If this becomes more clear later don’t worry about answering!


    • Hehehe – I just saw that you got to the chapter I explained it. I left it vague on purpose as you found out. Hopefully it didn’t cause too much pain before the reveal.

      Ah, the t-word that should never be named…sigh. I’m dealing with this issue as well in my current chapters and was doing fairly well “hiding” the kid. But unlike my “sims” stories, these poor people need to have ALL the life stages. (And I keep writing scenes with 1-3 year olds in them….)

      Liked by 1 person

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