I like to wake up early in the morning to make breakfast before Rez has to go to work. I’m usually stumbling around half-asleep, but it’s worth it to spend some of our time together when we aren’t both asleep. This morning though, I dunno. I thought I might be more asleep on my feet than normal since Rez was acting really strange. Normally he gets ready while I cook, or reads a book. But today he was practically in the kitchen with me the whole time. I kept tripping over him whenever I turned around.

And then I finished cooking.

Okay, yes, yes, yes! I did worry for like half a second that we were rushing things. We’d only been living together for a few months and dating for just under a year. But, honestly? I really couldn’t imagine living with anyone else. My parents said it was like that for them as well and my dad had actually dated a bit before he met mom. But once they met it was on a completely different level than before.

Breakfast has never been so sweet. It was definitely worth getting up after only 3 hours of sleep to have breakfast together.

I was too pumped up after that to go back to sleep, so I headed outside to shoot a few hoops. I’ve kept and eye out for Bradford but I haven’t seen him around anymore. I don’t know if that means he made the basketball team, or gave up on his dream and headed back home. That seems to be what happens sometimes. People drift in and out of the neighborhoods. You see them everyday for months on end and then you move, or they move, and you lose track of them.

You’re left wondering did they make it? Are they closer to their dreams now? Am I? Then again dreams change. When I first arrived here, I wanted nothing more than to open my own restaurant, nothing else mattered. Of course since then, I’ve learned there’s a lot more needed to open a place than just hope and a good menu. But now there’s Rez and a life together with him. Will there be kids? Do I really want to spend all my nights away from home the way Loren does? He was always complaining that he never got to see his kids.

And if I do start my own place these lazy mornings will be a thing of the past. I like puttering around in the afternoon, the whole apartment to myself. Thinking about what to make Rez for dinner. Heading out to the spice market to buy what’s needed for whatever strikes my fancy. When Rez comes home, he usually finds me out on the balcony while dinner simmers on the stove. We chat and I ask about his day over drinks.

Domestic bliss. I think they call it. Although I’m not sure how much bliss Rez is feeling these days. He’s working twice as hard these days with the VoidCritters job. Things are really taking off. That means sometimes, when I come home, he’s still up working. And although he says he doesn’t mind, there are a couple roommates that we haven’t managed to root out even with the fresh carpets and paint. It can’t be pleasant.

Rez and I gave got a call from Quinn inviting us back to my parent’s place. Well, it’s her place now. Our parents are gone now and the torch has passed on to us. It was weird to be out of the city and back in the relative quiet of home. The house of course, still stands as a strange memory to the past. In some ways, I envy Aubrey. She’s off trying her own hand at leaving her mark in this town. How much will I be leaving behind when it’s my time to go? Moving from apartment to apartment? There’s no way to leave a stately mansion behind in San Myshuno.

We had to tell Quinn and Aubrey what we’d done. They might have been a tiny bit upset that we hadn’t invited them to witness or had a big, huge party. I think I’ll have to invite them over as well sometime. They were happy for us anyway. And it didn’t take long for them to start asking me about kids when Rez was in a different room. I was quick to tell them, we’re not sure yet if we want them much less when. But I can’t say I’m not interested. The idea of a tiny Rez running around with a huge smile… I fear my sister and cousin saw right through my stammered denial.

Author’s Note: Yes, I have autonomous proposals in my game. I think it’s in mccc. This isn’t the first time my sims have decided they’re ready for the next level of their relationship. It actually started with Chana and Arturo in the Huffmans. And Phoenix’s parents also went for an autonomous marriage on the lawn as I’m pretty bad about remembering to spent §1,000 on a ‘proper’ wedding. Especially in these financial challenges. Well Rez and Phoenix decided they weren’t even going to wait a day. Within minutes of the proposal being accepted they were eloping. Both autonomously. Then again, they’re adorable together so it’s not like I’m opposed to their relationship.

The money is really starting to roll in. I hate having the same strategy for all my drifter-esk houses. So these two are making money strictly with jobs and posters. (They’ve completed the poster collection, but not the snow globes). They were only in the apartment a week before we started looking at how much we needed to move with. We even went over the housing improvement budget and had to remove a few items from the house. So next up is moving on up!