Switch 2.3 – Coda

Things are going well enough here in this Drifter house. Yumi has finally met her other daughter. Yumi broke up with Saanvi soon after they got pregnant so hasn’t been as much a part of her second daughter’s life as I’d want Yumito be. But finally, she took the leap and met up with her. Cheryl and her mother live just across the hall from our first apartment now – how weird is that!

09-20-19_6-56-26 PM.png

Our place was starting to get a little too small for all the things we wanted to buy. It’s cozy, yes, but it’s only two bedrooms, plus the living-dining combo room. With three almost adults, we just wanted more space. I will miss this place though. I feel like here is where we truly became a family.

09-27-19_10-48-10 PM.png

Tracey helped me celebrate my birthday. I wore that gorgeous dress from the gala although it’s a bit ridiculous for such a small party. But well, it’s MY birthday and I wanted one more fling in it before it got too small.

09-27-19_10-54-38 PM.png

Because, yes. In true form like my own parents, I ended up with a late pregnancy. At least it wasn’t twins, and it wasn’t anything like Tracey’s birth. Korey is a happy and healthy toddler who’s arrival made me that much happier we’d just moved.

09-29-19_10-47-35 AM.png

It’s PENTHOUSE time. My word, I can’t even express how weird it is to look around and see all this space to move around it. I wasn’t sure we could ever fill it. But there’s so much room. And we live next to my little brother Rex who inherited the penthouse from our parents. But I’ve made it up here on my own two feet…or with my own two hands playing piano and guitar.

11-10-19_8-12-08 PM.png

Tracey finally has a best friend, her cousin Emery! So weird to think that all this time she had a built-in bestie in her family tree. We should have had them meet long ago. I don’t know what exactly they have in common, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

11-02-19_3-51-36 PM.png

09-23-19_12-06-46 AM.png

09-23-19_12-09-04 AM.png

Tracey’s health is so much improved, I think those exercises did wonders, she hadn’t needed the drugs or inhaler in years now. Even with all the running after Korey that she does. She even told me she wants to play soccer in college. How strange to see her the picture of health.

10-06-19_9-03-56 PM.png

I also have some new recognition. I won a Starlight Award for best song – it was a piano piece – Four Etudes for a Rainy Day. A practice piece really, but it captured the heart of a movie producer who used each composition as the main themes in her blockbuster movie: Rainy Day. The award ceremony was insane and took forever but we all hung in there till the end.

11-02-19_5-04-38 PM.png

11-02-19_5-10-43 PM.png

With Korey growing up and Tracey soon to head off to university, I wanted to have a vacation. Spend some time making memories as we were today. I took so many pictures of the kids.

11-10-19_2-30-10 PM.png

11-10-19_2-48-51 PM.png

11-10-19_4-27-12 PM.png

11-24-19_2-24-43 PM.png

It was so nice to have a chance to kick back and relax. For all too soon this will be gone. Next summer Tracey heads for Briechester she actually got a soccer scholarship! To think of how much her health held her back as a child that she can overcome that and (with some more care than others might need) do everything anyone else can and more.

11-10-19_7-14-53 PM.png

And Korey is fast becoming a little scientist of his own – Yumi passed her science brain down to both children no matter their hair color.

11-24-19_4-09-59 PM.png

This is pretty much the end of my tale. But I can’t imagine a different life for me or Yumi. We made things work even when it looked like they might not. And got two wonderful children to remember us by.

11-24-19_4-32-35 PM.png

11-24-19_4-32-51 PM.png

Hopefully, Tracey will write from university and I can’t wait to see her life after as she heads into the same fraught housing system I did so many years ago.

This is the second generation challenge for our switch challenge by IllusoryThrall. This generation also has four apartments that you move into and then bring up the value for them. You also have to complete the City Naive Aspiration – which proved to be a major issue due to a rain bug that kept making the Geek Festival impossible to complete for the longest time. I ended up cheating by turning off aging. Which is how little Korey got so old while we waiting for a non-rainy Geek Festival. Finally, that bug was patched!

  • Apartment A: 1313 21 Chic Street – Fashion District – Target Value §8,000-§10,000.
  • Apartment B: 1310 21 Chic Street – Fashion District – Target Value §16,000-§18,000.
  • Apartment C: 702 Zenview – Fashion District – Target Value §30,000-§32,000.
  • Apartment D: VIII Landgraab – Uptown – Target Value §100,000.

Next: University! (2 Drifters and 4 builds)
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    • Tracey is doing great (so far) at least. She passed Uni and hopefully I’ll finish playing her soon so I can write it all out. (I’ve found that I do a much better story if I already know the ending – Lorna and Aubrey’s saves just dragged on.)

      One of Feng’s sisters, Feather, does have her own story, if you’re curious – Greeting from Selvadorada – season one is finished.

      I took such a long break from writing these past two years, but hopefully it’s like riding a bike and comes back strong. At least I’ve been making my “post something/anything on Monday” goal. 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I tend to play games in phases – I’ll play the heck out of them until I burn myself out, rinse repeat. Sims is one I’ll always come back for more binges, but I definitely understand taking breaks. I just came back from one, in fact. Just in time for Simnano month at boolprop forums – so I’ll be posting every day in July for my writing goals. Alternating between my mermaid story and drifter commentary – so I don’t have to do story every day.. but it’s going to be a crazy month!

        I will definitely check out Feather’s story, too. I’m enjoying your writing, and I have a ton to catch up on!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Same! I call it serial enthusiast – Sims is pretty steady as well in my world. Even if I’m not writing, I’m playing something. I have a lot of forgotten families in my saves that I’ll probably never return to that I played while avoiding the big ones – Huffmans, Drifters, and Pigglewiggles…

          Simnao! Sounds like a crazy – fun but crazy – month! I’m trying to get back into short story writing this summer so hopefully they’ll be more of that here. (Also short stories are short and can’t be accidently abandoned if the enthusiasm fades briefly).

          Liked by 1 person

          • The cool thing about simnano, is they let you pick your own goals, so you can write as little or as much as you want. I’m really challenging myself aiming for at least 25k words in July, but I managed to do 31k last July, so I think I’ll be okay. I’ve never been good at short stories, despite all the creative writing courses I took as a teen. I tend to come up with epics in my head instead!


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