Switch 2.0 – Overture

Hi! I’m Feng Drifter.

01-15-18_10-25-35 PM.png

My father is Phoenix and he was the first Drifter to move to San Myshuno. The apartments here are a MESS. So many of them are called “affordable” which means – yes, they are cheap. But they have no walls, no floor, and NO amenities. You know, basic amenities like a bathroom or kitchen.

You’re on your own if you choose one of these apartments. And… yeah that’s all I could afford when I moved out.

01-15-18_10-15-06 PM.png

I’m not too worried though. I watched my fathers ROCk this city. They started out with nothing, and by the end? We were living in a penthouse with the most epic view of our city.

05-01-17_8-03-29 PM.png

05-21-17_9-28-15 PM (2).png

I can only hope I do half as well as they did. My siblings are still living with our parents. They’re much too young to move out on their own. I’m pretty sure after me they weren’t expecting to have any other kids, but sometimes things are just going to happen. And sometimes that “thing” is triplets.

05-18-17_10-43-30 PM.png

Feather, Peacock, and Rex. They’re adorable – but I have to say moving out was a relief from the whining and crying…and cutest moments in the world like Rex trying to explain his favorite toy. But I feel I’m way too young to have that kind of responsibility.

05-18-17_11-42-47 PM.png

My new home is the Fashion District! It’s filled with such … interesting people. My neighbors are, well they’re neighbors and we’re living in close, close quarters. I think I might get along with Penelope, she’s got a little toddler.

01-14-18_5-23-30 PM.png

But my other neighbor? She came up all flirty and I am not feeling it. I may have already forgotten her name. She cannot take a hint!

01-15-18_10-09-15 PM.png

Outside in the city, though there’s lot of other fun folks. I met Vlad!!! He was kind enough to take a selfie with me. Despite his fame, he was happy to listen to my ramblings on comparative classical interpretations. He was actually very knowledgeable about the organ. I’m more into violin and piano, but they’re all string instruments so the theory is comparable. I don’t know why everyone avoids him, he seems very nice if a bit … musty.

01-15-18_10-27-59 PM

After my first week, I was was exhausted and thrilled to attend the romance festival. I’d been dodging my neighbor…Julie? Jane? all week and was exhausted. Once there though, all that romance was just depressing. I called up my childhood friend Yumi to see if she wanted to join me.

01-15-18_10-31-59 PM.png

05-11-17_9-55-41 PM.png

I hadn’t seen her in ages! Not since she moved away to Oasis Springs after we moved into the penthouse. Her smile hadn’t changed a bit!

01-15-18_10-35-11 PM.png

01-15-18_10-39-50 PM.png

The festival was a blast after that!

01-15-18_10-47-28 PM

01-15-18_10-49-28 PM.png

01-15-18_10-50-23 PM.png

The next morning I was exhausted. Perhaps we’d celebrated too long into the night. But it was my first day “on the job” so to speak. So I forced myself up and out into the heart of the city.

01-15-18_10-58-03 PM.png

I’d taken a part-time job as an official “San Myshuno” busker. You know all the folks you see when you walk through the city? Yeah, we’re not just doing it to be cute. We’re legit city employees. I had auditioned the moment I moved in and played the day away.

01-15-18_11-42-21 PM.png

It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was enough to splurge on a ticket to the museum that weekend and dinner.

01-15-18_8-49-34 PM.png

First date with Yumi. I barely noticed the art, but I’m not sure Yumi minded that at all. She didn’t seem all that interested either in the exhibits.

01-28-18_10-50-03 PM.png

I think I know how my father felt when he first moved out. Sure you’re exhausted constantly and my apartment had a funky smell I could NOT get out. (At least I didn’t have the mice and bug issues my dad complained about!). But soon enough I was getting calls for bigger gigs.

01-17-18_12-07-30 AM.png

The Dakota Jazz Club!! Off the street for a night and with a crowd of music aficionados! The tips were significant uptick from busking on the street. Amazing what a comfortable chair and an attitude welcome for entertainment can do. Sure the tourists come to see us as well. San Myshuno IS known for us buskers. But a nice cocktail and air conditioning? Yeah, tips flow.

01-20-18_6-11-01 PM.png

After all this time, I feel like my apartment is finally coming together. I still feel like the city is using us to refurbish otherwise condemned apartments rather than shelling the money out to fix them up for us. Then again taxes in this town are mainly spent on encouraging tourists to the streets and festivals. Not on us locals.

01-23-18_11-58-44 PM

01-23-18_10-49-05 PM

Yumi agreed to move in!! Now there’s two of us, that means two sets of folks working to improve this tiny place. Sure now we need to have a bathroom with a door and a proper kitchen. No more sleeping on benches or using the port-a-potty just outside. But it’s bliss.

01-29-18_1-12-37 AM.png

01-28-18_11-39-30 PM.png

01-17-18_12-45-56 AM.png


This is the second generation challenge for our switch challenge by IllusoryThrall. This generation also has four apartments that you move into and then bring up the value for them. You also have to complete the City Naive Aspiration – which proved to be a major issue due to a rain bug that kept making the Geek Festival impossible to complete for the longest time.

Switch 2: Overture | Dissonance | Refrain | Coda
Switch 1: Tajine | Tofu Tacos | Spices| Cockroaches| Grilled Cheese | Mac & Cheese | Confetti Cake



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