Recent Build Cheatsheet

Right now, I’m in the middle of a couple of large building projects. This post will be a kind of table of contents linking out to the other posts.

Random Builds

A couple recent builds that I didn’t really have an “excuse to build” just an inspirational image and some free time.

Newcrest Rebuild

I started a 100 baby challenge and combined it with a Build Newcrest challenge.  Currently, I’m about to start generation two – but I got distracted when building the first neighborhood. I finished the three starter houses as required but then wanted to fill the other two lots.

Rainbow Houses

A while back I made a set of Rainbow apartments, back when everyone was doing the single color challenge. Now, I’m rebuilding them all as full houses in Brindleton Bay. They have to reflect the original apartment layout and such. But by making them houses, things change. Sometimes greatly.


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