ISBI Flashback: Gen 1.2

Simblr roundup week 2! Stay up to date with the Biblioteques on my tumblr Rae of Stories.

Welcome to the Biblioteque ISBI, little Melville.
Really?! I think Michael wants the award for BEST SPOUSE EVER!
Time flies when you’re only playing one sim. Who do you think he’ll look like?
Oops. Should have taken more screenshots. But Melville has his mother’s skin and his father’s hair. And this is his only toddler picture.
Clio is already taking home baby number 2, Rupert Biblioteque. Must remember to screenshot more!
Let’s ask Melville what he really thinks of his imaginary friend.
Prince Rupert. Yes. I missed both boys completely as toddlers. Then again back then I didn’t realized I was going to posting these.
Family moment! Getting ready for bed. Melville! Stop pretending and go to bed like your brother.
Melville hates to go to bed. I have a lot in common with this kid.
Melville after school looking either exhausted (trued) or trying for a sexy post too young.
We have found the “go to bed” option. Now if only I listened as well as Melville. (It’s currently my bedtime too!)
Let’s hear it for the birthday boy!
Aw, he’s cute!
A most attentive husband. This next pregnancy really took it out of Clio.
Clio is deeply in love with Michael. They’re so cute to watch!
Kids doing homework in an ISBI. #ImpossibleMoments 1
Twins! This is why she was so miserable. Welcome Harold and Cynthia…I think it’s time for desperate measures.

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