Generation 2 has begun. We are now playing Melville Biblioteque who is adventurous, brave, but neurotic socially awkward virtuoso. He wants to be a firefighter so he’s going to Uni for physical education.

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And we’re off to University!
Yes. We are going to university to find a wife. This is not why you go to university. #BadMelville
Melville is not studying…
First Semester
Running around a lot. I guess we have to get the fitness up somehow.
Final grade: B.
Melville goes back home to celebrate the twins birthday.
We seem to have encountered our first glitch.
Or…not. Apparently Clio got pregnant as an elder. Shannon (yellow) and Erika (in the yellow crib) are toddlers now, but the two new ones are Rebecca and Shirley. (That’s 9 kids total!)
With all the kids in the house, Melville is happy to go back to college. This time with his little brother Rupert who has absolutely no intention of studying.

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