ISBI Flashback: Gen 2.10

I’m not sure if this is the best – or scariest thing I’ve ever seen.
Clio is still around, by the way, she spends every night playing video games. I’m guessing the noise is why Cherie is dreaming of tanks.
Razta: “Bark” Basil: “I’m hungry too.”
Cherie was invited by her sisters in law to a pool party and I figured I’d peak in on them. I was hoping to catch sight of any of Clio’s grandkids…
I did not expect Melville’s brother to hit on Cherie – and for her to reciprocate!! Perhaps we need to put Melville in a bathing suite? He does spend a lot of time at home in his robe though…
This picture shows two things. First, I finally figured out how to put a ceiling on! Secondly, this is a sim who is try very very hard not to fall asleep. He is on red and desperately drinking coffee instead of heading to bed. FOR HOURS.
Cherie likes to bath Razta. I highly approve of autonomous cleaning. Melville is totally exhausted all the time these days.
Plus it’s cute.
There’s a bug on your nose, Fleur!
Yeah – I hired a babysitter, sue me. Melville needed to take a nap!
Just drawing out the inevitable, because I can. And I think she’s going to be a cutie…
A smug cutie. Waiting for her big brother to come home from a friends house to admire her awesome new look. (I’m getting better at dressing in CAS, aren’t I?)
Someone is being all cute and adorable hoping I’ll pick her for the next heir…
But as always, there’s competition.
Toddlers Rule!
Toddlers Rule!
We shall end today on a gratuitous puppy shot. I don't know why but Razta always waits until she's starving to eat. I even bought her the expensive dog bowl.
We shall end today on a gratuitous puppy shot. I don’t know why but Razta always waits until she’s starving to eat. I even bought her the expensive dog bowl.

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  1. Buy the immortal food bowl! 🙂 I used to have that same problem with TS3 dogs and cats not eating. It was so troublesome! I’d have to call them to eat. And you’re getting some really awesome autonomy! 🙂


    • Next time I’m in game, I’m buying it (if I have the points)!

      I have to keep calling Razta in from the neighbors yard. I’m thinking a fence is in order to keep her home. She just runs around in circles for HOURS.

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