ISBI Flashback: Gen 2.9

Toddler Fleur hides in a toy box.
Fleur is quite an active sim. I think she hid in here from all of us for several hours.
Rebecca sparkles at the kitchen table, Cheri watches.
And it’s time for Clio’s last kids to become adults. First up is Rebecca.
Rebecca ages up in the bedroom, in her pjs.
And since they’re twins, Rebecca does as well! Don’t worry, this means you get to experience story progression. I’m sure it’ll be fine.
Adult Shirley in her new colours (brown and yellow) with awesome bead-dreaded hair.
Darn it, I really like how she turned out. But I just keep reminding myself, she’s evil. (Don’t give me that look!)
Rebecca's adult outfit which is her pjs, aka - a grey tank top.
I thought I had a better shot of her as an adult. Oops.
Melville, carrying little Fleur, and followed by pregnant Cheri.
Family is all dressed up. And leaving the house. This can only mean one thing.
The twins in their graduation outfits, pose in front of the school.
Yup. Graduation. (OMG I want to have graduated in cat ears!!!)
Cheri in front, Melville and Fleur next, and Basil in an off-white and teal suit.
Another family shot – this time with little Basil too. I love how he looks in his suit.
Sage in his crib upstairs.
Meet Sage. Sage, like his brother, loves teal.
Razta sleeps on the couch. Hmmm. I should get us a new one.
Gratuitous puppy shot.
Basil rides the toy rocking horse.
Yeehaw! Yay for autonomous playing with not-the-imaginary-friend!
Basil again with a huge smile on his face.
Doesn’t he look happy?
Basil sparkles behind the horse.
And it’s time. I really must start remembering to buy cakes and throw parties again.
He's still a kid, mid-spin, but Basil is definitely getting taller.
And…the moment we’re waiting for – the spin.
CAS of Basil in his teal sweatshirt and swept back purple hair.
I’ll save you all the hideous outfit he aged up into. It was green.
Basil holds his little sister Fleur.
Okay, I just die when siblings take care of each other.
Melville in his firefighter outfit enters the school as folks panic outside.
Panic outside the school? Who you gonna call? MELVILLE!
Melville puts out a window fire so he can rush in and rescue the sims inside.
We actually do go to work a lot and that usually results in firefighting. We’re level 9 now, so we’re getting the more interesting and interactive fires.
Another window fire is extinguished by Melville.
His lifetime wish is to rescue 30 sims…we’ve rescued 4.
Fleur plays on the xylophone for the first time.
Autonomous skilling. I almost wish they won’t get imaginary dolls. If we could make them real, that would be one thing. But it really cuts into their toddler years.
Cheri embraces Melville.
Yes, they are still very much in love. Cheri will wait hours for me to stop giving Melville tasks just so she can snatch him up and take him to bed.
Melville sleeps next to Cheri.
And he has a whim for another kid. Sigh. Well, I’m leaving it up to random chance and we know how well random chance loves me.
A bunny gnome in a green egg hat lounges next to the freezer bunny who is sunning itself nearby.
We’ll end with the spotting of our new gnome!!! He and freezer bunny are just chilling in the spring weather.

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  1. Man, stretching glitch error pictures get me every time!

    I can’t remember what story exactly it was now, except I know I read an ISBI where the author always abandoned all the IF dolls outside the Criminal Hideout, which I found hysterical. ^_^;;


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