House 002: Casey Drifter

This is the drifter challenge that I’m playing for fun. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out. Since my game is just for fun – all you get are pictures.

Generation 2





Final House Value: §40,532

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See you in Generation 3!
Previous Generation

I finished this house back in November but never got around to sharing it. I have even fewer pictures of Casey than I did with Shannon. Haha. No picking flowers or capturing bugs or even befriending the hermit. Or if I took them, the pictures are missing. Jessie was born twice – the first Jessie got lost right after they aged up to child, for when I returned the game, they weren’t born yet.

I’m planning to make no cc versions of my drifter sims and the houses to share on the gallery. So that’s coming soon! Origin ID: ra3rei.


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