007: Skye Drifter

This is the drifter challenge that I’m playing for fun. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out.

Life on an empty lot. With an infant.

Skye and Osvaldo moved out of the bachelor house and bring little Kierra with them to their new lot. Skye starts works as a programmer while Oz is a stay-at-home dad. But slowly, slowly they accumulate belongings to make their life less hard.

Skye and Oz flirting on an empty lot with a baby in a bassinet nearby.Skye surrounded by the Oasis Springs desert excavating a rock for money.
Skye rocks Kierra while Oz sits on one of two folding chairs eating grilled potatoes for dinner (no table).Skye and Oz stand next to their new air mattress, once again they are flirting.

Toddler Trials.

It’s tough being a toddler on a lawn. Kierra has her good days and her bad ones and she makes plenty of work for Oz and Skye.

Kierra is a tiny toddler with blond pigtails. She looks like she's about to cry.
Kierra and Oz are happily eating grilled burgers, but the place is a disaster with toys strewn about and Kierra has made a paint mess.
Kierra is completely filthy playing with a wooded truck at night, stinking while her parents sleep. She is grinning.Kierra is sitting in a pile of paint why Oz teaches her flashcards - the card is a toilet. On a plus note, they have a table now.Kierra is crying on her empty lot.

A family of four.

Our heir is born! Little Emery joins our family and now the clock is now ticking on the challenge. Skye needs to become a soulmate with Oz (should be easy enough). It’s the house I worry about. The walls are slowly coming together.

Oz is holding baby Emery looking a bit startled and wtf-ish. There's a lot more belonging around, but they're all still out on the lawn.Oz doing laundry in a bucket. He was good to do this autonomously.Skye stands in front of a 'house'. It has no roof, and on closer inspection is just a wall with two windows and a door.
Family photo of Skye and Oz stand in front of Kierra and Emery as toddlers. Behind them are the flowers of Oasis Springs.
Emery is inspecting a block. She has the same hairstyle of her sister, but darker hair and glasses.The four family members all sit "in the house" which has two walls, but is still outside. Oz and Skye sit on their air mattress and Kierra is wearing just diapers eating a sandwich. Emery is just visible on the floor.

Home Sweet Home.

At last a roof, four walls, and a front door. Life is sweet once you’ve made it this far. Sure you might still share a single room, but the weather is no longer an issue! (Actually, this part of the game is so old, seasons hadn’t released yet.)

A proper house with four walls and a roof. It's grey and cottage-ish - single story.Skye and Oz take a selfie - in the back is a selfie with Skye and his mother.Skye plays with Emery in the only room in the house. You can see all the kids stuff behind them. Kierra is a child now, but she's alseep in her bed.
A better view of the house's layout. Skye is holding Emery, Kierra is napping on the bed, and Oz stands by the front door in the "kitchen" area with a fridge and their air mattress.
Kierra is eating dinner while her little sister makes a mess behind her.Baths are lot easier with a bathroom. Unlike Kierra, Emery is getting a proper bath in a tub.
Emery is being held by Skye as she blows out her hamburger cake candles. Behind him Feng (his cousin) is throwing confetti.

Ideal Family: 2.5 kids.

Kierra and Emery are close in age and great friends. I love these sisters so much and decided we needed one more family member. So we brought King into our lives. A huge dog that is the perfect complement to Skye’s house.

King is a good dog. He's a husky.Skye and now-child Emery watch the clouds outside their house.Kierra an Emery hug - both are children. Their house is behind him.Skye is talking to Emery and Kierra as they both sit on a bed. There is a door to this room proving their house is no longer one giant room.Skye looks completely miserable doing laundry in the bucket ouside.Skye and Oz enjoying a fantastic meal at Future's Past.Oz fixes a broken sink. The house clearly has rooms - they are also clearly pretty empty. A computer sits on a table with a folding chair in front. The room beyond appears empty.
Oz doing laundry again - this time handing up the clothes on the line.
King is at the vet getting help - he is seeing stars and drooling.


They grow up so fast! And finally, seasons is here so our future Drifters will have a bit more challenge (sorry Emery!) The house is taking its final shape – it’s going to be a 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons. (Only need two-bedroom, but I like the girls not needing to share.)

Kierra and Emery coming home from school. Kierra is a teenager, Emery is still a child.Bonfire outside, Skye is celebrating the buring the leafpile. Oz and Kierra are watching.
Living room shot, it's getting more filled. There's a couch where Oz is napping on and Kierra is watching King. Skye is working at the comptuer which no longer has a folding chair.
The family sits around the table having dinner for harvest fest.Emery's last picture as a child. She's waving goodbye to her childhood. Her hair is braided in a bun.Both girls are teenagers. Kierra is saying something to Emery at the kitchen table. Behind them is a washing machine!
Emery is walking King late at night.
Kierra is standing at the front door with King. The house looks properly decorated and there are flower bushes too.Emery is going for a jog in the fall. She still wears glasses her hair is curly and up in a pony tail.Skye plays fetch with King outside in the finished backyard.
Emery blows our her candles in the proper dining room. It's got a large table, nice chairs, a rug and a bright picture so leaves on the wall.

House Pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first screenshot for this Drifter chapter was taken on January 14th, 2018. The last screenshot was taken on September 14th, 2019. Phew! The game changed a lot during that time (Seasons to Realm of Magic). I’m going to be posting a couple more updates to catch up with my game and allow us to keep moving forward. There will be stories again, but there will also be these types of photo heavy chapters.

Next up: University! (A Drifter interlude)

Previous Chapters: Skye’s Bachelor Challenge
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