Drifter 007 – House Party 2

Skye invited his good friends to join him for the week while the rest of his family was away. They all agreed to come. Little do any of them know that this is secretly a bachelor challenge. Mwahaha.

Day 1 – House Party

We spent the day wandering around the house seeing what folks were up to. I tried to make sure that Skye “got to know” each of the contestants through the morning and afternoon.

Esteven, dude. You can’t stay in here all day.
The hot tub is all ready for you, Brandy.
Lunch time! Left to Right is Brandy, Rhonda, Skye, Osvaldo, and Ada.
Sigrid is the first to break in the slip and slide. A favorite all week.
Osvaldo keep the place all nice and clean.

At 4pm we were supposed to start a party – house party for us. It didn’t get started until after 6 though and the service sims never showed. The kids were on their own.

Dance Party as the sun sets. Almost everyone got their groove on.
Jase and Rhonda (both sans ears) are chatting it up.
The party wound down in the hot tub. Brandy left the moment Osvaldo showed up.
The brothers were the last to head to bed.

At midnight, or rather once the party closed up, it was time for the first sim to go. Seems hardly fair. There wasn’t a clear winner but there was, sadly, a clear loser. Brandy. Shame really, but I think they mocked Skye’s clothing choice over dinner. Which caused his a lot of embarrassment.

Brandy would have been a fun spouse. They were looking for a soulmate and I adore red hair. But then my switch-Drifters have tons of red-heads from Rez, so it’s probably okay to lose the color here.

Day 2 – Painting Challenge

The day started rough. Sigrid was the last to sleep and the first to rise. So she was tapped to make breakfast.

Eggs and bacon! Yum!
Everyone enjoyed the meal, except Sigrid. I forgot she’s a vegesaurus!

One of the rules of this game is that if Skye whims to do something with one of the contestants we have to do it. Yesterday he kept trying to play his piano and ignored everyone. Today though…we have our first whim.

Flirt with Osvaldo! (Really, Oz?!) But it was successful.

After breakfast, it was time for our first challenge. Everyone was tapped to paint a small classic painting.

Jase dove in with his artistic passion.
Downstairs we had Ada, Esteven, and Sigrid – still feeling poorly from the breakfast.
Whatcha gonna paint? I dunno. I’ve never painted before. Me neither!

Then I sat back and watch the paintings begin!

Poor Sigrid. She’s exhausted and feeling uncomfortable. I was afraid she’d quit halfway through.
Inside, Rhonda and Osvaldo are having a great time. That’s a nice looking llama, Rhonda!
I’m pretty sure Esteven could see Ada’s picture and just copied it.
Jase was the first done. Hmm, you painted a llama.
Final touches by Ada on her…llama!
Yup, Osvaldo painted a llama as well. The “classic” llama scene.
Finally, she’s done. Sigrid was about to collapse and she did our only non-llama painting! Too tired for a llama.
…and she’s out.

Painting Contest Results

  • Rhonda – Pink Llama §53 (last to finish)
  • Osvaldo – Classic Llama §52
  • Ada – Pink Llama §50
  • Estevan – Pink Llama §49
  • Sigrid – Flower! §43 (sick from eating meat)
  • Jase – Llama Scene §42 (first to finish)

So what did we learn? Take your time, just because you have an artistic aspiration doesn’t mean you’re going to win if you rush. Also, unsurprisingly, sims love llamas.

The way this works is the bottom four go out on an outing tonight, while the top two have a more intimate outing tomorrow. So we headed to the Dakota Jazz Club, the new nightclub in Willow Creek. That means Jase, Ada, Esteven, and Sigrid.

The new venue is pretty fun.

Drinking and chatting
Blaze dropped by – must have had a moment toddler free. (Yes, I’ve moved all my Drifters to this one save.)
Aw, Sigrid still hadn’t recovered from waking up too early.
Skye found Jase and Ada up on the roof dancing and joined them.

The event was…satisfactory. Skye was feeling confident but never managed the bold pickup line or hugs that he was whimming (not with anyone in particular, but we tried to spread them out). However, he was flickering in and out of his moods and never managed to do something in time.

The bottom of the pack leaves at the end of the outing. Sadly, it was the ever fashionable Sigrid. She was pretty much doomed since yesterday. She got sick yesterday with orange stripes and the meds she took energized her and then I didn’t send her to bed early enough. I’m not sure why she woke up first, but it meant that during this outing she kept wandering off to nap when Skye would try to talk to her.

Sigrid would have been a wonderful spouse, I thought. I love the new shaved hair that came with cats and dogs and those orange glasses! So cool. (She spawned in them although they were blue).

At the end of the night, I’m supposed to give a rose to the sim with the highest relationship. Again though, we had no clear leader (Jase, Esteven, and Ada are in the lead). Yesterday I thought it was too soon to start flirting anyway, but I need to start soon!


  1. You’re making me miss this challenge! So neat that you have all the drifters in one save. I had a whole plan to do and crossover with my regular drifter and apartment switch but I still haven’t done it.

    Liked by 1 person

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