Drifter 008-3: Non Sequitur

My sister thinks I’m always daydreaming. She’s not wrong, but I’ve got a dream. I want to be the top musician in Willow Creek.

My big brother Ted made it – one lucky joke and he rocketed to the top of the open mic circuit and then got scouted for some TV show out in Del Sol Valley. He got a big posh job now, a ton of dogs, gorgeous wife, and two kids.

I’m not saying I want that! No way. Getting that famous that fast had to have made his head whirl and he had to move halfway across the country. Plus, I’m not sure I’d like a wife.

My dreams are more humble. I don’t want to leave Willow Creek, but maybe just a little bit of fame. Maybe take a short tour to Mt. Komorebi someday. Maybe play in the Sim Sessions with Glass Animals or something.

Bust mostly just me and and my guitar on a stage getting by and making enough money to last the week.

It’ll be epic.

I’ll get a place out by the pond and little King Jr. Of all our puppies, King Jr. is the best. Mom says he doesn’t look like her old dog King, but his heart is the same.

Mom says when I graduate I can take King Jr. with me. I think she’s afraid I’ll drop out with the incentive. She’s probably not wrong. I’m not like the twins, all brains or like Tess who’s gotten a internship with SASA in their space program. Talk about being the odd one out.

Gen 8 Chapters
Tempus Fugit | Carpe Diem | Non Sequitur | Vice Versa

The challenge this generation is:

  1. Build a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for §50,000.
    1. Done
  2. Adopt three children on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd promotions.
    1. Done
  3. Including your heir, each child must complete a different childhood aspiration.
    1. Ted: Social (Done)
    2. Tess: Motor (Done)
    3. Alfonso: Creative (Done)
    4. Frankie/Charlie: Mental (In progress)
  4. Emery must reach the top of her writing career.
    1. Career level: 9 Author (again) (She keeps accidently accepting other jobs and losing her place!)


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