Drifter 008-2: Carpe Diem

How could anyone sleep through the morning? It’s the best time of day and it’s so quiet. Only the sounds of birds fill the air. I’m always the first one up and I get the whole house to myself for several hours before anyone else wakes up. Me? Oh, my name is Tess, and no, that’s not short for anything. It’s just Tess. Tess Drifter.

I have one older brother, Ted. He’s the last one up every day. Sleeping till noon if it’s a weekend and till the very last minute if it’s a school day. He does’t even eat breakfast those days, says he’s not hungry. But then he eats enough lunch and dinner to have had seven breakfasts.

He’s usually not in a great mood when he first wakes up, but after he’s been up a while, he’s back to his usual cheerful self. Ted has a ton of friends so he’s not home as much anymore. He’s either hanging out at the mall with his friends or working at MyBurger.

My younger brother is Alfonso. He just had his birthday.

Alfonso is suuuuper creative. He’s always drawing and by himself. At school he’s got a couple close friends, but at home, he spends more time on his own. I keep trying to get him to join me outside, I want someone to play pirate with me, or swing, or even just hang out on the monkey bards now that Ted is gone. Instead he says he’ll draw me a picture.

When we get home from school, Mom’s usually at work, but Dad is home. He works nights so he’s just getting ready to for work. But he’s always got time to listen and he’s super smart. So when something happens at school, I can ask him – like with Marty cheated off my test last week, he came up with devious plan to write the wrong answers next time. One lower test score should teach him a lesson.

After snacks, I always jump right in to finish my homework as fast as I can so I can get back outside before it gets dark. I don’t get Alfonso. He usually goofs around, playing, or watching the clouds and then has to rush in the morning to finish. He says after school his brain to too full and it needs to be cleaned out, but I find it easier to do my homework when the material is fresh.

There’s a little park next to our house and I spend a lot of time there when I’m free. It’s got a huge pirate ship, chess tables, and Martha works at the cupcake booth. At the end of the day she’ll usually have an extra cupcake that didn’t sell that she’ll give me. I’ve gotten to try ALL the flavors now.

Have you met FruFru? He’s our little doggy and super cute. But I think he’s lonely. I keep telling mom we need another dog. I saw her looking at a dog adoption site the other day. But she closed it right away and said we weren’t ready for another mouth to feed. But I think she’s weakening.

I do get why she might think we’re not able to take care of another dog right now. Although I promise I’ll walk them all the time! Our family has recently doubled in size. Now there’s Charlie and Frankie! They’re pretty boring right now, mainly, they just cry and eat and poop. But it won’t be long before they start to develop their own personalities and I can’t wait to meet them.

Maybe one of them will want to play with me.

Gen 8 Chapters
Tempus Fugit | Carpe Diem | Non Sequitur | Vice Versa

The challenge this generation is:

  1. Build a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for §50,000.
    1. Bedrooms/bathroom complete, Current value §45,000
  2. Adopt three children on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd promotions.
    1. Done
  3. Including your heir, each child must complete a different childhood aspiration.
    1. Ted: Social (Done)
    2. Tess: Motor (Done)
    3. Alfonso: Creative (In Progress)
  4. Emery must reach the top of her writing career.
    1. Career level: 8 Author

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