Drifter 007 – House Party 1

Skye got some interesting news on his birthday. He’s in charge of the house while Lorna, his mom, and siblings head out on a vacation.

01-12-18_9-54-45Β PM.pngSuddenly he’s looking at a week in the house all alone. This mansion of a house. So he does what any self-respecting young adult would do.

“Hi, Jase? Wanna come over?”

“Don’t worry Sig, there’s plenty of room for us all.”

“Yeah Oz, you can stay all week.”

Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

This is the start of my Drifter take on a bachelor challenge, which is the requirement for the first half of the Drifter House 007. Rules are on the forum. Basically, we turn aging off and let them loose in the house to see what happens.

Who has Skye invited? Three guys, three gals, and one agender. (Some I found in the bin, the others I made – all got new clothes.)

sigrid goodwinjase andradeada calienteesteven lewisosvaldorhonda conradbrandy hatcher

Who will Skye pick? Only one way to find out! Keep reading this week.


  1. I love Drifter house 007! I think I may have inadvertantly seen the winner on Twitter but nobody looks familiar so I think I’m safe for spoilers, lol.


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