Drifter 007 – House Party 5

It’s nearing the end of the week and soon the family will return. It’s time to clean up the house and put away the dirty dishes. Although I’m not sure how to hide the baby?

There is still one more date before the final showdown. But we have to first say goodbye to Jase. Although the two got along well, at the end of the day there was still no romance between Skye and my little blue haired alien.

He spent a lot of time on the computer. Which probably didn’t help.

Yes, Jase was going to be a fun spouse as he was secretly an alien. Ada sussed it out back at the Jazz club, but he kept his alien shenanigans to a minimum and no one else suspected.

But when one sim goes, sometimes a new one comes to take their place and our household has not decreased.

As you can see, we have a new Drifter. Kierra Lewis was born and she most definitely is Skye’s kid. I checked to be sure Jase or some other alien hadn’t done the deed. I think it was that first time they woohooed. They say it only takes one time, and that has proven true.


Day 9 – Osvaldo’s Date

While it might seem silly to have a date with Oz when it seems so clear that he is the winner, the final story has not yet been told. Esteven is fast approaching his brother’s relationship status.

Did I mention he is an evil romantic genius? Yeah.

So the date with Oz was held as scheduled and we had another Drifter family visit. Rez and Phoenix with little Feather Drifter.

And yeah, it went just as well as you might expect and so we must say goodbye to Ada.

She managed to get a romance bar with Skye, but it wasn’t enough in the end. I think Esteven actually has more friendship than Oz. If he can get that romance up, we might have to break up our newest Drifter family.

Ada was the first spouse I found for Skye, but she was a really good friend for Skye. She usually came and listened to him play the piano and was good friends with Jase as well. By now I’m rooting for Osvaldo though so I can’t say I’m too heartbroken she was cut.

Day 10 – Brothers

The final house party was a bit meh. I was hoping for whims and shenanigans, but it was pretty tame. And I spent most of the time trying to get three sims to dance at a time to get more than bronze…we got bronze.

I realize now, that I have MCC set to no jealousy. Having jealousy enabled would have majorly changed or at least upped the pressure of those last days when Skye would whim to make out with one or woohoo the other. But well, by now it was too late to start over, and I wouldn’t give up Kierra just to try again. She’s going to make the rest of this generation…difficult.

The ending of this challenge is perhaps, not a surprise to anyone.

Congratulations Osvaldo, I honestly would not have suspected you to be the one to capture Skye’s heart.

See you in part 2 of house 007!


    • Yup. Lol. I had some worries it was going to go sideways in the end and was preparing for that, buy nope. Now I just have a really tight timer for the rest of the challenge. Lol.

      I’m absurdly pleased with how it turned out. Seems like a good base for a way to help uncertain sims figure out if they are interested in anyone.


      • It’s weird that way sometime. It was the same with mine the one she got the whim for first was who she ended up with … It didn’t help that the readers liked him too because then they didn’t vote him out when he went out for about like three times


  1. So funny! It will be a very different start with a baby for sure! In my legacy, I had a spare that couldn’t choose between two brothers so I just said okay then and turned off jealousy and married her to both!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking about doing the same. But relationship wise, he had a clearer preference. Apparently, I’d had jealousy turned off from the beginning so it wasn’t as exciting as it should have been. But I didn’t realise until the end. Oops.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The first time I did this one the girl who he was with from the start ended up getting jealous and their relationship tanked near the end. The second time I had my girl be really sneaky and she only got caught a few times, lol!

        Liked by 1 person

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