Drifter House 006 – Aubrey & Lorna Pt3

Lorna Springer Jang

I have to admit after Javon moved in with Aubrey and me, my mind was pretty much filled with thoughts of him. Consumed in fact. He worked early and so I would try to wake up earlier to make him breakfast before he left for the clinic.

After he would leave, my days were filled with finding ways to pass the time until he returned. I have mostly stopped collecting and instead concentrate on my garden. It’s really starting to come together. I can spend hours out there weeding and fertilizing and tending. It’s mostly flowers so I like to keep the vases in the house fresh. Eventually though Javon would arrive back home and my day was complete.

On weekends we’d go on dates. Javon would take me downtown to the classiest restaurants and then we’d go out dancing or to the bluffs. Our nights always ended the same way.

We were a bit like bunnies. So it’s only inevitable that our actions caught up with us. Not that I minded too much. Unlike Aubrey, I’d always seen myself as a mother someday. I did hope that Jaxon saw himself a father.

So at first my life revolved around Javon. And then a new man entered my life and the size of my heart doubled to include my new little tiger, Blaze.

Have you ever seen anyone cuter? I know it’s impossible that you have. Blaze was just the sweetest little baby. And before too long, Blaze was an utterly adorable little person on his own.

So big and inquisitive. Always asking questions and looking for hugs and assurances. It was no longer a chore to wait for Javon to come home. There was more to do than just gardening. There was reading and playing and naptime. Blaze’s favorite story was Monkey Go To Bed. It was about an little monkey who refused to go to sleep and tried all kinds of ways to stay away. Well, you can guess how it ended.

I’m pretty sure we read it at least twice a day until the only reason I had to hold the book was so that Blaze could point at the pictures and laugh uproariously. I had the entire story memorized. No matter how tired I got tired of saying “‘But I don’t want to go to sleep,’ said the little monkey,” I couldn’t stop reading something that gave him such delight.

Is it any wonder, that I’m completely smitten by my little boy? With such a wide smile and adorable pout?

Javon and I have already been talking about a sibling for him. Maybe a redhead like their papa?

Aubrey Drifter

Life wasn’t that much different after Javon moved in. My days were mostly spend in my studio churning out works for the masses. Lorna spent her days out in the garden.

Although every time Javon was around she turned into a romantic puddle of goo. Let me tell you how happy I am that my bedroom is on the opposite side of the house. They never turned down an opportunity to fall into each others arms. It was enough that I felt like I might have been missing out on something.

Not that I’d really ever thought about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. But they made such a fuss. When Masato asked me out to dinner one night I figured I’d give it a try. See if there was a spark or something.

The food was excellent and as always and we had a great time, but that was it. No spark. By the end of the meal it was clear, we’d always be friends, but neither of us really wanted anything more than that.

Javon was confused, he was convinced after our “date” we’d be head over heals for each other. But really that date just crystallized it all for me. Romance was not my thing. I had no desire for it.

That didn’t mean however, I didn’t want other things that came with romance. Just not the boyfriend or girlfriend aspect. Lorna and I went to Phoenix’s apartment to meet his newborn daughter, Feng. She was utterly adorable even when her face was all scrunched up and she was bawling. But it was really the look on my brother’s face when he held his daughter that held my attention.

Lorna had the same bewitched expression when she tended Blaze. And since she lived in the same house as me, it was impossible to ignore her utter joy as she spent time with her child.

I wasn’t sure exactly what made me call Masato. I wasn’t interested in dating him, but he was my best friend outside of Lorna and I wasn’t going to get any sense out of her on this topic. She only had eyes for Blaze. My half-baked planned was pretty crazy and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to go through with it. Or if Masato would agree.

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Author’s NoteI wasn’t sure what to do with Aubrey. I’ve known she was asexual since she got the unflirty trait when she aged up and so I knew she wasn’t going to doing the whole regular marriage and kid thing. But in this challenge she needed a kid. Or rather I hate breaking a genetic line unless I absolutely have to. I had wondered if she’d get with Masato. There was also a guy she meant at the romance festival and brought home, but withing moments she was upset and uncomfortable with that guy in the house. Masato and her however were always pretty good friends, but never anything more. He was also nearing the end of his life and Aubrey was running up against her adult birthday. So we’ve improvised. Luckily Masato was okay with that.


    • Glad you’re enjoying it! It’s been fun to write so far, so I’m hoping it continues this way. This weekend my heir became a teen though, so I have a bit of catching up to do.

      For all my nontraditional relationships I. drifter, I’ve only just started on the nontraditional families. But I hope to do better.

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