Drifter House 006 – Aubrey & Lorna Pt7

Lorna Drifter

The sun slipped softly through the sky. Next time, I would have to make my protagonist use some letter other than “s” all the time. My brain is on permanent alliteration mode. Summers are my favorite time of year. I don’t get as much writing done, but I get to spend more time outside and in my garden.

And everyone is home for the summer as well, so the house is filled with laughter. I’m so glad that all the kids get along so well. Blaze is perhaps the best big brother. Often he’s the one coming to me with something his brothers have told him and he’s trying to figure out how to help them solve problems at school or help planning a surprise party.

Which is so helpful and little Jasper is a complete handful. He’s always wandering about and exploring. We all try to keep an eye on him, but all you have to do is blink and he’s disappeared. Only to reappear when you’re wool gathering and not expecting it.

But he’s always just so proud of himself for surprising us. Full of mischief he is.

Skye’s more serious than my boys. And more solitary. Thinking serious thoughts I think.

I often can hear the piano practice from my office when I write my Silly Sally books. Yes, I’m still writing them. Luckily I’ve never run out of ideas (not with all the mischief and plots that go on in my house) and the world hasn’t gotten tired of her yet either. We seem to be a very creative family.

With Skye on the piano, and Aubrey and now Blaze painting away in the basement. He’s spending a lot of time learning from Aubrey. I think he’s hoping to follow in her footsteps. Make a mansion out of an empty plot of land. He’d been good for it I think.

Aubrey Drifter

“Have you seen the kids?” Lorna asked me. I’d been half day dreaming, painting … well I’m not even sure yet what I was planning to paint. Mainly just playing with colors. I never was formally trained and I struggled to remember if my parents had actually taught me or if we’d just sort of learned by osmosis. I wanted to be the best mentor to Blaze that I could.

“The kids?” Come to think of it I hadn’t seen them recently. “Outside maybe?” It wasn’t that much of a wild guess. More days than not they were out back playing space pirates or regular pirates or something else equally pirate-y.

We checked, and they weren’t there, but soon enough they all came trudging back home. A little more solemn than normal from their adventures. But no one was injured and they ate their dinner without too much fussing.

I’m not sure what happened today, but when they’re ready one of them will tell us. They’re good kids and little good has come from pushing when they’re not ready to be pushed. And a little sugar goes a long way to heal any wounds.

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Author’s Note: We’re catching up to my play through finally. Next up will be Skye and Eli’s teen birthdays and the count down truly begins. We’re not quite there yet with the house and I always get a little worried when we hit the teen years. Normally my game ages are set to pre-toddler life spans which is a total of 29 days of childhood. At times like this, I sometimes wish I could steal the extra 7 days. Wish me luck!


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