Drifter House 006 – Aubrey & Lorna Pt5

Lorna Jang

Silly Sally Saves the Day

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sally. She was very very silly. She likes to get up early in the morning and watch the sun rise. “Why does the sun rise in the East?” She asked.

“Silly Sally,” her parents said. “Don’t you know the sun rises in the East because it is morning.”

Sally thought about this. “But what if it rose in the West?”

“Then it would be evening, of course.”

Today Sally was excited because today was the day she was going to be a big sister.

“I’m going to be the best big sister in the world,” Sally said.

“Silly Sally,” her friends at school said. “How can you be a better sister than everyone else?”

“Easy,” Sally replied. “No one else is going to my baby brother’s big sister. So I have to be the best.”

Her friends shook their heads and Silly Sally skipped home. Her mama would be returning from the hospital soon with her new baby brother.

“I wonder if he’ll look like Franklin the Cat?”

“Silly Sally,” her grandmother said as she gave Sally an afternoon snack. “Franklin is a cat, not a brother. But if you’re really quiet, you can go visit him upstairs after you finish your cookie. But be quiet because he’s sleeping.”

Silly Sally finished her cookie as fast as she could and they crept very quietly upstairs so she wouldn’t wake the baby. She peeked in the door to the nursery and saw the crib standing in the middle of the room.

“Oh,” Silly Sally said tiptoeing forward. She held her breath as she approached the crib and peaked inside.

“Oh, no!” There was no one in the crib! The baby had escaped! He must have woken up and gotten bored. It would be just awful to lose her baby brother on the very first day. She could hardly call herself the best big sister ever if she didn’t have a brother anymore.
“Where are you going?” Sally stopped as her father came out of the bathroom. He was holding something in his arms.

“Um…outside?” She didn’t want to tell her father she’d already lost her brother. He would think she was a terrible big sister.

“Don’t you want to meet Little Leon?”


He held the thing in his arms out and Silly Sally stood on tiptoe to see what he was holding. It was a baby. The baby.

Silly Sally, Sally thought. The baby didn’t run away. He was right here all along.

Her father sat Sally down in the big rocking chair in the nursery and then put the baby carefully in her arms. Sally barely breathed. “Hello, Leon, I’m your best big sister, Sally.”

And it was true.

Skye Drifter

Someone is in the bafroom.

I see frew them. I was scared, but I not scared anymore. He smiles and watches me alla time.

I like him. Mama says he’s not real. She says I have good imagshun.

I like to pway with Mama. We dance to music alla time.

And spin and spin and spin and fwy! I have good imagshun and pretend I am spaceship with stars alla round.

I like dancing. Mama like dancing too.

I love mama.

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Author’s Note: I really wasn’t sure what to do with this collection of photos. I didn’t quite take enough to create a story around them.  But well, I have to move forward somehow, the boys are all teenagers now (and Blaze, as you know is all grown up). So think of this as a little slice of Drifter life.


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