Drifter House 006 – Aubrey & Lorna Pt4

Aubrey Drifter

Masato stayed after I got pregnant. We redid the guest bedroom which meant he was just down the hall. I thought it might be weird to have him around, but it didn’t seem right just to wave goodbye. Since he was retired it was nice having an extra hand around the house to help clean up.

Our house is getting pretty big now. Downstairs is the art and workout room, my bedroom, Masato’s bedroom, and the kid’s rooms. Upstairs is the kitchen, dining, and living room as well as Lorna’s room and office. Which is good cuz soon after I got pregnant, Lorna announced she too was expecting again. They’ll be like siblings!

We knew Masato’s time was short, but I had hoped he would live long enough to see his child. Unfortunately, things did not go exactly as planned. We realized something had happened when Blaze started crying late one night. We hadn’t even realized he’d woken up. I’m not entirely sure how he knew something was wrong, but all of us rushed to see whatever it was that had caused him to cry.

Masato didn’t show up for the emergency and so once Lorna had put Blaze back to bed, I peeked in on Masato. That’s when we realized that he was gone. The next day, I had to go to the hospital to deliver little Skye. Masato may never have gotten to meet his child, but I’m pretty sure he’s watching from where-ever sims go afterward. As I suspected, Skye is beyond precious.

Soon after, it was Lorna’s turn. You’d think after delivering countless babies, Javon would have been a little more relaxed when we both showed up at his clinic, but that was not the case. He was in full panic mode. Although since Eli turned out okay, he must have calmed down for the main event.

It’s different this time around. When Blaze was born, I thought he was cute and lent a hand when I could, but I didn’t feel responsible. Not like I do with Skye and Eli. Since my bedroom is downstairs, I’m usually the first to hear them cry and tending them is completely different than Blaze. I always thought that Lorna was overreacting when Blaze wouldn’t settle down or had a fever. All babies have rough days, they can’t speak to let us know what’s wrong. But when it’s Skye? I’m the first to jump to SimMD. Lorna laughs, she’s the calm one this time around.

Lorna says to take it easy and appreciate every moment of their infanthood. It never lasts long enough and before I know it, Skye will be a teenager and driving and dating. Ha, what if they’re like me and never date, I retort. She laughs. I don’t know where she thinks her wisdom comes from, it’s not like Blaze is that much older. And he’s definitely not a teenager yet. But when she’s not looking, I take her advice. It’s true that Skye’s birthday is just around the corner.

Lorna Springer Jang

Blaze is growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was holding him in my arms and now…well he’s going off to school and making friends. I no longer know what he’s up to every moment of the day. Like Javon when he’s at work. But I’m not going to let loneliness get the best of me this time around. First, I devoted myself to Javron, then to Blaze. I don’t love little Eli any less, but I need a life outside waiting around for Javon to come home or spending every waking minute with Eli. And Blaze wants to be independent now that he’s in school.

I’ve taken up writing. Silly Sally. The character just came to me one day, kind of a cross between Amelia Bedelia, Miss Frizzle, and Pippi Longstocking. She’s ridiculous and I love finding adventures for her to be in. The books are actually a huge hit. Which has surprised me as I really wrote them because I had no choice. All those hours in the garden are perfect times to plot adventures. Silly Sally’s Seven Socks. A take on Snow White, except it all goes wrong and she ends up saving the prince. Silly Sally in Space in which she gets trapped on a small planet and must fight her way out of the alien’s arena to get back home.

I’m so glad that the rest of the family is supportive of my new endeavor. I think they’d support me, even if no one bought a single book. But it’s been so popular I’ve actually written some adult books featuring Silly Sally. And they’ve been just as popular. Who knew that I had a career in writing? Not me, that’s for sure.

It’s funny how different it is this time around. When Blaze was born, I did a lot of research to find the best birthing center. I think Javon assumed I’d be going back there for Eli’s birth. But when the time came for … well, Eli to come. I decided I didn’t want to travel halfway across the city when Javon’s little clinic is just down the street. He’s set up to do birthing, right? Luckily he calmed down after I arrived since there wasn’t anyone else there qualified to help me out.

And it made it a lot more special this time around, know that Javon was the one to bring Eli into the world. He didn’t tell me until after that he’s only performed one other birth. I guess a small clinic like his is less popular for mothers. But he was perfect throughout the whole event. And Skye got a little brother. Or cousin. Or whatever you call two kids who aren’t related by blood, but grow up in the same house.

But no matter whose blood runs in whose veins, we’re family. All of us and that’s what is the most important. One big happy family.

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Author’s note: Sometimes you look through your drafts and realize you had a complete post sitting in here completely finished for over a month. With the Alien Adoption story featuring an adult Blaze so heavily, I thought it might be a good opportunity to catch us all up on the Drifters and so imagine my surprise when I found this unpublished! Just needed a featured imaged to publish it.


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