Drifter 007 – House Party 3

Skye is having a week-long house party while everyone else is out of town. He’s invited his best friends. Brandy could only stay for the first night before they had to head back home and Sigrid got sick so she left early too. There are only five friends left. Little do they know romance is going to be in the air.

Day 3 – Park Outing

Last night, I made Skye attempt a flirt with all the remaining sims in order to help move things along. Everyones hovering around the same relationship level. Rhonda and Esteven both rejected the simple flirt. Hmmm.

In the morning we had our next contestant-related whim from Skye. First kiss with Osvaldo! Really, I think he knows something I don’t.

We tried, but the relationship didn’t get high enough to kiss. There’s no pink yet either.

Osvaldo and Rhonda won the llama painting contest yesterday, so they got to go to the park with Skye. Rhonda decided not to wear her cat hoodie. (Darn, I love that shirt).

Nice day, right? Yup. Lots of trees. Yup.

Rhonda arrived flirty, but didn’t seem all that into Skye. They chatted and he was confident, but I’m not sure if she’s going to be the right spouse for Skye. She just wasn’t all that into him.

Your eyes are pretty. I know.

I had better hopes with Osvaldo. He’d accepted the flirt yesterday and Skye seems to be into him for some reason.

You wanna hug? Uh, thanks but no.

Darn it. We’ll just have to chat more to get the relationship higher? Anyways at the end of the park trip, Skye is supposed to hand a rose to the sim with the highest relationship. Of the two, that’s still Oz.

That’s not really my thing, Skye.

Double darn it!! Osvaldo was a sim I found in the bin. He initially had the “unflirty” trait – which I changed but it kind of feels like he might still have it. Either that or he’s shy and doesn’t like to flirt in public?

After the park, we headed back home and Skye continued his quest to get to know his guests.

I was wondering if maybe…you wanted to…er.. um…
Esteven was napping through the evening’s events.
Jase was down in the basement watching movies. (Why don’t they use the upstairs TV?)
And success! The romance has finally begun.

Really, Osvaldo runs hot and cold. He accepted the woohoo, but then the hug whim later in the living room? Nope. I fear this romance may be headed nowhere.

Tonight we have a tie for lowest. Esteven and Rhonda. Both of them rejected his flirts yesterday which would have been a good tie-breaker. I decided to keep them both for now. Perhaps tomorrow will help make a clear winner.

Day 4 Fishing

Skye was the first one up this morning, so he got the task of making breakfast. Eggs and toast. Not that we still have vegetarians with us, but I wanted the practice.

Apparently, that was too much for him.

And now everyone is tense. There’s not a lot of time before the fishing contest but they tried to calm themselves the best they could. Sigrid proved that feeling ill is no way to win.

Jase decided to try out yoga.
Esteven decided to prove that he wasn’t afraid of fire.
Ada decided to go for something cold.
And Rhonda decided a little fresh air and venting would do the trick.

Now, it’s time for fishing! I delayed the start for an hour to give them a chance to recover from Skye’s mistake. The contest was to fish for two hours and then see how has the most fish. If there’s a tie for first then the most expensive fish wins. Winner gets a private date that night.

A lovely fishing spot, just next to the house.
Let the fishing begin!
Ada and Jase are off to a good start!
It’s just so picturesque!
Uh, Oz, you forgot your clothes, dude.
Okay, perhaps that was your secret to getting the big fish?
So, how’d we all do?
  • Osvaldo: Tuna §82
  • Jase: Perch §7
  • Ada: Minnow §5
  • Esteven: Minnow §5
  • Rhonda: no fish

So, Rhonda was the only one who caught no fish. I decided it was time to eliminate her and get us back to our approved four sims. Rhonda would have been a fun spouse for sure. We could have seen how many drifter cats we could adopt! I have a soft spot for childish sims. Oh well.

After the contest was over, I was in for a bit of a surprise.

That, dear Oz, is how you accept a rose! Lol. Is something brewing between Esteven and Jase?

Osvaldo won, that means he gets a date with Skye. Feel like the game is stacking the deck! We decided to have the date at the Von Haunt estate.

I think perhaps Oz is just shy in public, because with the dark and mist? The date was spectacular!

And that was that. We are down to four sims and only one has a romance bar with Skye. Is our challenge already decided?


  1. I’m loving this bachelor challenge ! Often these challenges are tough for me because it feels like Sims are either forced or denied.. but this feels very natural , like the Sims are choosing !

    Liked by 1 person

    • It did really feel like that. I hate that false sense of failure in most Reality TV. And it probably helps that in real life they’re not in a bachelor challenge. Which is why I could’t “write” the challenge, I tried. Hence the commentary nature, which works well. But I def. got a sense that Skye and them had a clear plan from the beginning. And I think it turned out really well. 🙂 (spoiler)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. well at least they got some action going on .. left to their own devices my last bachelor challenge was BRO city .. the boys all got along and poor old Rose was one of the guys .. loving this one .. kind a sad about the cat lady.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah Rhonda would have been a fun spouse, but she got alone with Jase a lot better than Skye. They were however good friends when she left and she calls all the time wondering if Skye wants to come over. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her!

      I was kind of surprised, it really felt like Skye whims were kind of out of nowhere. Or at least I hadn’t expected them, but once he started having them…

      Liked by 1 person

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