It’s done, Arturo thought. The light was fading, but the last truck had just roared off leaving them alone for the first time in days.
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It was a Kinkadian scene. The little cottage, light glowing from inside. Chana had done an excellent job with the landscaping and window boxes. She had even picked a creeping flowering vine that could be be replaced yearly so it wouldn’t damage the stone work.

Chana squeezed his hand just as a faint wail came from the picturesque cottage. They turned to each other and smiled and then Arturo hurried inside to see what Samuel wanted.


Samuel Eugene Huffman: the even bigger change in Arturo’s life. But the baby had borne the building chaos well. And Arturo had already costed out the addition they’d need for his room. They were out of money for now, but he was already saving.

He played regular with Blind Ginger whenever they were in town. But more importantly, he was working with his old boss at Blue Records to procure his first solo album. The working title was “Alone in a Field.” Ninety percent of the music had been composed surrounded by the promise and threat of 64simacres of land.


Chana still woke up before Arturo most days. And she preferred to fish for breakfast when she could. They were trying to save all their simoleons for the house. But the new house was  dream. It had a stove. If she wanted, Chana could cook anything. Except she wasn’t sure how to make much more than salad and fish.


She heard Sammy crying and hurried back inside, fish in hand. He was at the “always hungry” phase of growth. Growing like a weed, but hungry all the time.

The sounds and smells of breakfast woke Arty and he came out of their bedroom. It seemed luxury itself to have an entire room just for sitting around and eating. A place where the whole family could just be.


“This is perfect,” Artruo sighed looking around their house. Chana had to agree. Sure it was simple, and the appliances old and used, but it was a fully functioning house. Something they’d been working towards. Maybe now…maybe now Arty would be amenable to another major expense.

Someone knocked on their door as they finished breakfast. The mailman. Chana leapt up, she was expecting a package from Bella. A new cookbook, full of non-fish, non-salad recipes.


She couldn’t wait to start reading! What should she make for dinner? Arturo was rocking Sammy when she came back inside, book in hand. He was singing a silly song about a llama and a unicorn dancing around town.

“And the llama dances with the unicorn all around town,” he finished and then “Who’s my little man?” Sammy squealed in delight as Arty tickled him.


“What’s your plan for today?”

“I have to work tonight,” Arty sighed, putting Sammy back in his crib. “But not late. I’ll be back before 9.”

“I’ll have dinner ready, what are you interested in,” she held up the cookbook.”

“Ooh, it came. But,” he pulled Chana into his arms. “I’d be happy with anything you make.”


Chana melted. Arty’s kisses always made her weak. With a heavy sigh, she pulled away. There was too much to do to indulge this early in the morning.

“Hold that thought,” she whispered. Arty grinned, but he too back away. She almost wished he hadn’t.

As Aturo pulled out his guitar to play lullaby’s to little Sammy, Chana pulled out her post-it’s. She wanted to flag all the recipe’s that sounded good.


She was still hard at work while Arturo showered and changed for work.

“A suit?” She asked rocking Sammy to sleep.

“Have to meet with the label owners about “Alone in the Field, I want to look my best.”


He kissed her goodbye and then it was just her and Sammy.

They went outside to the garden and she explained what each of the plants were. The apple tree, the blackberries, those were good to eat, but he should definitely not eat the lilies and roses. They were far to bitter for him to eat.

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Sammy soaked up the sun with a huge smile.

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