Huffman Legacy 1.20 – What Do I Want?

Isabella’s birthday followed swiftly after Chana’s as time flowed ever-forward in the Huffman household.

02-27-16_12-21-16 AM

02-27-16_12-46-26 AM

But without that event, it could be said that nothing much changed out there on the island. Life has a lazy way of passing time while seeming to stand still. Arturo was home more often as he toured less and spent more time in the recording studio. He’d get home late, but still in time for dinner.

02-27-16_1-23-17 AM

And he often didn’t have to go into work until near noon. So he spent a lot of time composing outside while Chana worked on her garden after the kids left for school. The flowers were doing well under her care.

02-27-16_12-02-56 AM

And she didn’t have to do it alone, on the weekends Samuel and Isabella helped out. Although with Isabella, it was more of a challenge to get her motivated that early.

02-27-16_1-30-21 AM

Samuel was and early riser. Most days he would take a run along the bluffs or down by the water before breakfast.

02-27-16_12-13-06 AM

It was the best way to start your day and not spend the first few hours half asleep. He tried to explain this to Isabella, but she was not a morning sim. And she had no desire to get up before she absolutely had to. If she was lucky, she would have time for breakfast before it was time to leave for school.02-27-16_12-54-57 AM


“What’s so great about this coffee shop?” Izzy asked as they swung through the doors after school.

“They’ve got the best mochas,” Sam responded. His phone buzzed. “Oops.”

03-03-16_10-30-02 PM

“What is it?”

“Mom.” He texted back quickly: Getting coffee with B, be back late. There, safe. He turned to his sister. “Mocha?”

“Please,” she headed off to find a table while Sam ordered for them both. It was as he was carrying their drinks back that he noticed them.

03-03-16_10-37-35 PM

03-03-16_10-36-06 PM

They weren’t teenagers, that was clear enough. But those shoulders. That physique.

03-03-16_10-32-54 PM

Sam knew he was in shape. He’d been running everyday to avoid the pear-like shape of his father. He could run around the entire island without getting winded. But he was nothing compared to those two. He dropped off Bella’s mocha.

03-03-16_10-32-59 PM

“Um, hi,” he said brightly, feeling a bit stupid. The man stood up. Yeah, there was really no comparison. The man was built was like a bear.


How much do you work out? Are they real? Can I touch them? Do you know how I could get shoulders like that? A million questions tore through his mind. He rejected them all, except…

“Is…this seat taken?” he said, pointing to the empty chair. The man shook his head and Sam grabbed it and pulled it over to to his. Izzy watched him amused. She glanced at the empty chair next to her.

“Were we expecting anyone else?” She was amused. He sat down quickly his face growing red.

“Shut up.”

She quirked her eyebrow. And then with a sip of her mocha, she pulled out her homework. Sam did as well. The men eventually left. Sam heard the chairs scrape against the tile foor, heard their heavy footsteps. The door bell jingled as they left and an errand summer breeze swept through the store in their wake.

“I’m gonna join the gym,” he said as the door swung shut. He waited, but his sister – wisely perhaps – said nothing.

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Author’s note: I’m not going to devolve into physical appearances too much. I want to keep this beauty free – and to guys, muscular is one of their measures of beauty. And a beauty which my guys definitely don’t have. It’s just with Sam being an active perfectionist, it’s kind of how I read him. He’d feel the same way if he had normal shoulders until he’s maxed out his muscles so it’s less of a “this sim has tiny shoulders” than a teenager who hasn’t had the chance to work out much who wants to be in shape. Although his muscle tone is getting really good with all that running.


  1. I agree, especially as teens. They are constantly struggling with self consciousness and ‘fitting in’. However, I like that Sam is figuring it out in a very healthy approach. Also, Isabella is such a nice mix of Chana and Arturo!! Her eyes and chin are most certainly Artie’s but her hair and coloring like her mother, so cool!

    Liked by 2 people

    • They are both such interesting mixes. both in appearance and personality. I didn’t exactly plan it, but they’re really both half and half phsycially and personally with their folks. I love playing the comparison game with them… Sam has his fathers hair and shoulders, his mothers legs and skin. Izzy has her mothers hair and her father’s skin…it just goes on and on. My sister and I are the same with out parents.

      Liked by 1 person

    • She will have the lazy trait I think – she inherited that from Arty, but often I was also just trying to explain her expressions. She got Arturo’s mouth which mean unless she’s super happy, she looks upset all the time.

      Ever wonder why Arturo’s first posts were always so miserable? The fact that Chana is around means that he’s usually fantastically happy now, but back then…their mouths are permanently down turned.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Izzy seems like a real teenager! I’m guessing lazy, too.

    Her appearance is so interesting! It’s different enough to be very beautiful, in a striking sort of way.

    And, oh! I love Sam!


    • You should see some of the faces I’ve caught her making!!! She’s hilarious. Technically she’s a geek and glutton right now – but she’ll be lazy as an adult, so I added in that trait for now. Arty’s the same. I figure they’re night owls and love sleeping in (just like me!)

      I roll their traits early so I can play around with things and so it’s not a complete surprise when they suddenly get a new trait.

      Sam is totally awesome in my book. Hopefully he can have his big happy family though – right now he’s being a teenager and keeping quiet to us adults.

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  3. Love how both of the siblings clearly got each of their parents’ features and colouring, but each somehow got a differ nt set. Genetics are so interesting in this game.


    • I love comparing the two and seeing where they take after each parent. I’m hoping to keep Arturo’s features in this family as best I can.


  4. It is fitting in that all teens struggle with body image and worry over how they will mature into an adult body … I saw less as a striving for beauty and more as a look at the conflicts of growing up

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  5. Ahhhh Isabella 🙂 She has the cheekbones and chin of Arturo, but so much of her mother in the hair and skin tone 🙂 And Sam, if you enjoy exercise then the gym sounds like a good way to keep that up!


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