Huffman Legacy 2.11 – Father’s Day

05-21-16_11-45-42 PM

05-21-16_11-43-54 PM

05-21-16_11-54-52 PM

06-20-16_11-55-38 PM

06-20-16_11-57-49 PM

06-21-16_12-06-18 AM

06-21-16_12-33-35 AM

06-21-16_12-38-49 AM

06-21-16_12-40-24 AM

06-21-16_12-42-31 AM

06-21-16_12-44-42 AM

06-21-16_12-48-54 AM

06-21-16_12-50-00 AM

06-21-16_12-05-51 AM

05-22-16_1-03-49 AM

05-22-16_1-05-56 AM

05-22-16_1-07-51 AM

06-21-16_1-23-09 AM

04-28-16_10-29-09 PM

04-28-16_11-28-11 PM

05-22-16_1-17-27 AM

05-22-16_1-18-57 AM

05-22-16_1-18-22 AM

05-22-16_1-21-03 AM

05-22-16_1-21-27 AM

06-21-16_1-14-42 AM

06-21-16_12-56-59 AM

06-21-16_12-57-15 AM

06-21-16_12-59-23 AM

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Author’s Note: And she’s here! Let’s welcome Jasmine Huffman to this family. It getting quite crowded. Isn’t it. I swear Sam never seems to panic. And although it was a while ago, I’m fairly certain he didn’t panic this time either. And yay for no twins. I never thought I’d say that but I’ve been getting them in a lot of my games – a far cry from Gen 3 Pigglewiggles who couldn’t get twins at all. But I’m not sure this house could handle many more sims – or more girls! Now that I have my cc back in order, I’ll be playing this save again since we are officially all caught up.


  1. I feel you on the twin thing. In my BN save they had two sets of twins and then had an unplanned oopsie kid that was, thankfully, a single, lol!

    Can’t wait to see what Jasmine is like!

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    • Me too! I haven’t even rolled her traits, truly a blank slate! Normally, I’m all for torturing my sims with multiples, but it’s nice to have a break now and again.

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  2. Sam’s garden is so sweet .. he has a nice green thumb . Arturo’s appearance KILLS … SNIFF! Welcome sweet baby girl. I now if any can handle a FULL house these two can 🙂 (and yes triplets are awful) …

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    • It was perhaps the most frustrating thing though. I must have built the venue wrong cuz it took forever to figure out I can’t order most of the things on the menu. Means you missed out on the adorable patio dinner pictures …. sooo cute.


    • Jasmine is one of my favorite girls of this family. She’s got the most angelic face (as you’ll see).

      I have a bunch of ghost pictures I’m going to use one of these days in an extra. Some of them, like Arty with baby Jasmine are just too precious!

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      • I was going to ask if ghosts are real in your game or if you just put up with them. I haven’t decided yet if ghosts will be real in my game yet or if they will just be conduits for storytelling through dreams.

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        • I’m in the same boat actually, I’m not sure ghosts are real or how I’ll use them. But I kind of wanted it to look like maybe Sam was just dreaming his dad. I do however have some interaction shots I can use should I change my mind.


          • Yes, I’m definitely going to keep the ghosts of the founder/heirs/spouses on the lot and use them in dreams maybe. But I haven’t decided if they are real or not yet.


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