Huffman Legacy 1.1: I Owe What?!

Arturo looked around the empty lot, a smile on his lips. “Mine,” he thought, “all mine.” He hadn’t expected getting here to be such a challenge.
Arturo has a small smile on his thin-mustached face. He wears large glasses and a floppy hat. His chin is overly pointed, his ears are overly large, and his eyes very tiny deep set in the sockets. His face is be-freckled and reddened on the checks from sun or wind.

Arturo Huffman been planning to leave his hometown as soon as he’d saved up enough money and so the letter from a distant aunt had been more than welcome.

Dearest Artruo,

You probably don’t remember me, but I met you when you were just a little toddler. I still remember your adorable laugh fondly to this day. I know, that town isn’t very accepting, and in case you want to leave the same way I did, I thought I could help. I’ve just retired and am going on a tour of the world. I have land in Windenburg that I’m gifting you. If you want it, please come by the end of the year.

Love, Aunt Mattie

He’d asked his mom about Aunt Mattie and learned, not entirely to his surprise, that Mattie was actually his mother. She’d been determined to leave though, and so he’d been left with her sister soon after his birth. Arturo hadn’t been too surprised to find he’d been adopted, he didn’t fit in at home at all. So he’d decided to accept the gift. The mother…he’d think about it.

The train to Windenburg wasn’t too expensive, although it did eat into his meager savings. And he arrived in Windenburg Sunday afternoon. The city hall was closed on Sundays.

Arturo looks over the center fountain in Windenburg. The town is empty.

That left him homeless in a strange town, but he had enough money for a late lunch of fish and chips.

Arturo sits at the tavern, a plate of fish and chips and a fruity drink with a lime.

Arturo wasn’t going to let a little thing like homelessness stop him. He visited the camping supply store. It was too soon for him to afford anything there, but he saw that tents weren’t too expensive. Then he drooled over the guitars at the music store. “Someday,” he promised himself, “someday I’ll be a famous musician, like Dylan Thomas or Simon Garfunkle.” He hummed to himself as he walked back down the street, “The answer is somewhere in the sky.”

He found a comfortable bench to spend the night in. Morning came all too soon.It's day, but Arturo is still curled up on the bench in his athletic gear fast asleep.

He cleaned himself up the best he could in a nearby lavatory. It was not pleasant. Arturo tried not to think about the others who’d been here. The germs…he shuddered.Arturo attempts to clean up in a small bathroom. It's sterile and sad. He can see himself in the mirror (his back is to us). His large ears are more visible without his hat, they stick out.

He headed back to the city hall. The clerk was able to confirm that the land was his, but he would have to pay a tax of 200 Simoleans before he’d be given the deed to the property.

“But where am I supposed to get that money?” he asked. He checked his bank account on his phone, only 82 simoleons.

“Here,” the clerk handed him a flyer. “They pay good money for rocks and stuff. You can make that kind of money in no time if you go to Oasis Springs. There’s a bus that leaves daily in a half hour.”

Arturo looked at the flyer as he was shooed away from the clerk’s desk and headed back into the city.

Looking for some extra cash? Willow Creek Museum now accepting fossils, crystals, and metals. The rarer the item, the better the pay. Call Anna for details.

He called Anna and learned that they were collecting for the local university for experiments. He was be guaranteed anywhere from 20 to 200 simeleons depending on what he found. Arturo took the bus to Oasis Springs. It only 10 simoleons, but it was eating up a little more of his precious cash. Perhaps his dinner last night had been a bit too luxurious?

Unlike Windenburg, Oasis Springs was dry, dusty, and the sun burning hot. “I’m gonna get sunburned,” he realized. He pulled his hat out out of his knapsack, jammed it on his head, and headed into the hills just outside town.

Arurto walks away from the camera into the desert. Several collectable rocks are in the distance. Here we can see his interesting body shape. Narrow shoulders, wide hips, popeye like arms that are thin on top and thick lower down. His legs are the opposite, thick thighs and non-existent calves. His feet are tiny.

Arturo kneels and harvest from a rock. He has a tattoo all along on his left arm that is swirls and circles.

Close up of Arturo's face looking down at us. He's frowning as she works to get the collectible out of the rock. Or perhaps that's because the corners of his lips are permanently turned down and his brows permanently furrowed. I love this guy. PS his eyes are a light grey-blue, his hair is blonde.

As the clerk had promised, there were quite a few rocks, gems, and metals just waiting to be picked up. Before too long, his bag was getting comfortably full. He wasn’t the only one exploring the hills though and he met several folks that afternoon.

Arturo chats with some visitors to the desert. One woman is wearing the same hat as him. I can't tell if she's upset or not. The guy in the pink and white sweater is probably melting in the desert sun.

One group was even kind enough to invite Arturo to share their lunch. Stomach rumbling painfully, Arturo agreed. He hoped they washed their hands before they’d prepared the frank and beans.

Arturo digs into his frank and beans. He sits across from an older woman and another curvy dark haired woman who is very generously endowed. He sits next to another guy pouting perhaps because he doesn't have a bowl of beans like the rest? Or perhaps the young woman's cruel smile is the cause?

Earlier, he’d attempted to fish for his super, he even caught a perch. But one look at those vacant glossy eyes and slimy scales….ugh. He shuddered his skin crawling at the memory. He’d passed it on to another sim for 7 simeloens and scrubbed his hands twice. He still felt unclean. Fishing was not going to be his thing.

Arturo is NOT happy to see the fish he's holding. His frown is even more pronounced than normal. Poor guy. He's a squeamish sim so fish and frogs and garbage squick him out.

He dropped his finds off at the collection point in Oasis Springs and waited for the tally. Would it be enough? 258 simoleons were transferred to his bank account. Hot, dirty, exhausted, but elated, Arturo climbed onto the bus back to Windenburg. He had the money he needed for the taxes now. Of course when he arrived in town he learned the office was closed for the day. Would he never get to even see this land he’d inherited?

The gym had a 150 monthly fee for membership, or for 20 simoleons he could use it for the day. Arturo paid for the day, there went 20 precious simoleons. But he was dreaming of those showers. He was covered in dust, sweat, and-he tried not to think of it-probably fish scales.

A very filthy Arturo wanders into the gym.

The showers were heaven.

Shower scene. I had to do it. Arturo is naked although the picture is only of his shoulders up. His head turned towards the water, a smile on his face, mouth open. It's like one of those sexy shower commercials, but with Arturo.

Another night in the rough.

A clean Arturo naps on the gym bench. He's wearing only a towel around his waist.

Despite the hardships, Arturo never though of going back. The less said about that place the better, homeless and filthy was better than living there. The next morning, the clerk accepted his money and handed over the deed. He had a home now!

“Um, where is it?” He asked just as she was going to shoo him away.

“Oh, it’s in the island, there’s a ferry that runs every half hour, free to islanders,” she assured him when he started to panic, he only had 58 simolons left after playing the taxes and his stomach was starting to rumble painfully. “Your place is the big lot on the hill top, can’t miss it.”

She was right, it was impossible to miss. 64 simacres of grassland stared back at him. No house, no bed, no nothing. But it was his, and he figured a pretty good place to start a legacy.

Arturo looks very proudly, back on his lot. A Knight of the Round table stands nearby which means we've made enough money to start our challenge for real now.



Author’s Note: Yes, I started another legacy. I think perhaps I can’t live without one? Despite our founder’s appearance, this is NOT a Prettacy. I’m more interested in see what features of his we can keep – as well as other interesting features we can add. Once again, I’m scoring this. Right now I have a score of 2 since I got the bonus point for the Extreme start which requires you to purchase one of the 64×64 lots on Windenburg and then save up enough to buy the knight before you do anything else. Also I did charge Arturo 20 simoleons to use the gym showers. It felt right.



  1. Yes! Yay! I may need to start one, too. I bet we can talk Meggles into joining us! What a lovely start!

    And what a fun challenge for writing, so observe, integrate, and then narrate richly!


    • Yeah – it’s completely different from the Pigglewiggles, that was observation and first person.

      Here I play, I draft, I craft, and I weave. I’m going to have to stay ahead of the postings if I want to keep it up though.

      And I really really hope his looks stay around for a long time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a neat start! I like that you charged him to use the gym.

    He’s a really neat looking sim too!! I absolutely adore him. Can’t wait to see how it goes. 😀


  3. This is so exciting! I love him already. And he’s definitely earned that plot of land, what a rough start. I cannot way to see how his genetics play out in future generations.


    • It does! He spent the first week miserable because of it. He hates bushes with a passion!

      I’m enjoying trying to find new angles for the picture taking. The chisel one I love. Plus it’s hard to get a good look at his eyes straight on.

      I used the “money” cheat to enter his household funds less 2o bucks. He’s been there three times now.


  4. I love Arturo! His round butt and beauty mark and permanently downturned mouth! I wish him all the best in Windenburg, and to you too for attempting a new legacy! I’m really glad that you’re doing another one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think he’s so adorable! Thanks, he’ll need your luck, I’m sure.

      I had no intention of starting another legacy so soon, but…oh well. I really wanted to see what it would be like to do another legacy knowing what I know of them from before.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It has a totally different start and flavour than your Pigglewiggle one, so it’s really nice to delve into another of your legacies so soon!

        *ninjapig hugs Arturo* *offers to share mushrooms with him* 🙂


        • It’s a very different feel! This is much more story-driven as I play and then craft a bunch a chapters around what I’ve done, rather than write exactly what I’ve played.

          I’m not sure Arturo likes mushrooms…they’re fungus right, from the dirt?


    • Glad you’re enjoying it. It’s my favorite project right now in Sims. And yeah – his squeamish trait really shone in these first few chapters since he was constantly miserable!

      I’ll add your story to my reading list. As a warning, I’m kind of a binge reader so I use the reading list to remember where I left on when I go back to certain stories.


  5. Oh Yeah Arturo!! I found your legacy in the book club thread this week can’t wait to read the rest! Arturo’s start is rough indeed but enjoyable to watch 🙂 I am assuming that he is squeemish since he is panicking about germs and such?


    • I’m so glad to see you here!

      Yup, he’s squeamish, music lover, and um…oh lazy! Although that trait doesn’t really help at the moment since he has no choice but to work hard. It’s a very rough start, isn’t it. Poor guy.


  6. Just found your legacy after you followed me yesterday I’m cshaner on the sims Forums and have the Delaney Family legacy.

    I absolutely love this start! I wish Arturo the best in his new town and I love the interesting shots you got. Like the hammer while rock hunting! I’ll be reading this through to current over the next week.

    Thanks again for stopping by my legacy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Yeah, I think Arturo’s extreme oddity makes it easier to pay attention to the rest of him. I know I didn’t think of him as anything special at first, but he dug Into my heart tighter than most.


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