It wasn’t a date. Sam knew that. But it kind of felt a bit like one. Sam invited Kystra to see a movie with everyone. One of those adventure stories with llama man running around rescuing everyone.

It was impossible to talk during the movie, and Sam found himself near the middle of the group, two seats away from Kryta. Perhaps next time he shouldn’t invite the boys. Afterwards Sam invited her for dinner. His mom was making cheese omelets. He invited the guys, but this time they took the hint and declined.


“So what do you think the next book club book should be about?” Krysta asked.

“I’m not sure, actually. Maybe something a little less fantastical? It wouldn’t do to only have vampire stories. Some people prefer real life. Maybe something with pirates?”

“Have you read F.I.S.H.? I hear it’s really popular, about a guy who works as a secret agent, I think. And it’s all about him trying to do his job and hide it from his family.”

“That sounds good.”

Despite Sam’s hopes. Dinner was as far as they got. He wondered how others did the whole dating thing? How do you let a girl know you’re interested in her?


His mom invited Karen over for dinner the next week. It was just her and her father in that big house and when Chana learned that, she insisted she come over for dinner some night.


Sam was surprised to see her, but he was starving after his workout and she wasn’t nearly as annoying as he remembered her from childhood.

02-16-16_6-34-35 AM

Back then, Karen had always known the answers to everything. And she hadn’t been much fun to play with if he remembered. When they played pirates and other games, she always wanted to be the captain. Her mom said it was because she was an only child so she hand’t had to share much.

Thinking back, he’d heard more from others that she was mean and he’d avoided her. Maybe she’d just been really lonely. She hadn’t had that many friends.

02-16-16_6-34-18 AM

She didn’t seem mean now, either. They were both reading FISH and Karen agreed it would be the perfect next story for book club. It had just the right level of tension between family life and undercover problem solving.

Karen wasn’t so bad, he thought after she’d left. She might have been a brat as a kid, but she’d mellowed out. However his thought quickly turned to a different dark-haired beauty.

He figured he should just tell her how he felt. That way there’d be no guessing or confusion. Just say it out loud.

“Kyrsta, I like you,” he practiced. “And I think we should date.” Was that too forceful?Too direct. “Would you like to a watch a movie, this time just the two of us?” That was better. Maybe ask first and then tell her his feeling after the movie.

He wondered what was showing at the theater now.

“Hey, turn off the light in here, will you?” Izzy growled heading for bed. “The light gets through the cracks in the door and shines in my eyes.” 03-25-16_6-07-19 PM

Sam looked at the time. How did it get so late. He jumped up and headed off to bed. Eventually, he fell asleep.


Sam looked down at his ringing phone, he was about to go for a run, but…it was Reuben? What would he want? Sam wasn’t scheduled to work today.


“Sam! Great news! You know Krysta?” Reuban’s voice was suffused with excitement and he didn’t wait to hear from Sam. “Well, we’ve been dating these past few months now, and today…she said yes!”

Sam’s heart froze. Why hadn’t either of them said anything before?

“That’s great,” he said instead, swallowing back the lump that appeared in his throat. “When’s the date?”

“Next week! Her folks are paying and we’re doing the whole thing on Paradise Island.”

“Wow, that…really great.” Reuban kept talking about the locale and their plans and of Krysta, but Sam wasn’t listening.

Krysta. His heart couldn’t be breaking, could it? He wasn’t even sure he like-liked her. They’d only flirted, or perhaps he’d flirted and she’d just put up with him? Watcher, he hoped not. Had he really been that unaware?

“Look, sorry Reuban,” he interrupted, “I was just heading out…”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I’ve gotta call the others. See you at the gym?”


Sam in his gym clothes on the lot, he is frowning.

Sam hung out and headed outside into the bright sunshine. It was a gorgeous day, but his heart was clouded.

The day couldn’t possibly get any worse, could it?

Two hands on the grass (they are Arturo's)

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Author’s Note: This is coming late (already posted the story) so I’m adding this on the update. I didn’t really want to take away from the drama of that last image by adding words down here, but I decided I needed to share some thoughts. First off – this is what happened in game, I didn’t just add drama to the story – but it happened so fast, I didn’t really have the screenshots to pull it off well and chose not to go back to take them. Perhaps I will in the future. Secondly, I completely forgot to link to Jes2G’s amazing story F.I.S.H. which you should probably read – Sam is loving it. So check it out.