Huffman Legacy 2.8 – The Weekend


Evelyn is on the monkey bars preparing to cross for the first time.
Okay, This is me, Evelyn Huffman. Deep breath now.
Close up on Evelyn calm face.
It’s not that scary. I’ve seen the kids at school playing on the playground there.
Eveyln looks nervous.
Evelyn looking worried. She still hasn't started crossing the bars.
Just do it, Evelyn. You’re not a baby. On three….one – two –
Evelyn has started to cross. She is smiling.
– three! Weeee!!
Evelyn looking up at the monkey bars. her back is to us.
This isn’t bad at all. Just look up at the next bar and grab.
Evelyn has almost reached the far end.
Almost there…
Evelyn is on the far side, she is getting ready to head back over.
Awesome. And I didn’t fall. I bet Elisa would have fallen.
Starting back across.
And back! It doesn’t count if you don’t go both ways.
Evelyn is heading across again.
This is the best feeling ever. It’s like I’m flying.
Evelyn has starting skipping a bar as she crosses. She improve rather quickly.
Two at a time. Oh, yeah. I am a pro at this.
Still crossing the money bars. The sun is just setting behind a distant ruin. It looks pretty epic.
I could probably win a contest.
Evelyn calls out her her mother who is gardening.
Mommy, Mommy, look at me!!
Evelyn tells her mother about her adventures on the monkey bars.
Did you see me? I didn’t fall once!


Elisa sitting down to breakfast with a big smile on her face. (She's having cereal)
Today is going to be the best day ever.
Still smiling, Evelyn is in the background.
Mom said I could invite Duane and Anika over this afternoon.
Evelyn is chatting with her sister over breakfast.
I don’t even mind that Evelyn is bragging over her monkey bar accomplishments. I don’t even like heights.
Outside (in Willow Creek) Elisa waves a a young boy in blue.
For lunch we went out to a restaurant and I met a new friend.
Elisa and the boy continue to talk.
Dad was right. Evelyn is my best friend, but I need more friends than her.
Eliss is showering in the outdoor shower. She really likes the sauna.
It’s almost time for the party. Mom said we could have a fire and everything. Evelyn isn’t invited. Unless she asks.
Elisa in a towel calls her friends on the phone.
I call all my friends and make sure they know how to get to my house. It’s really hard to find.
Elisa appears at the door. A boy in a yellow shirt and green pants is at the door (not the same as the other boy).
A proper hostess greets her guests as soon as they arrive. Duane is the first to arrive.
The three children are around the fire (unpictured). The boy and Elisa sit in the chairs, The other girl is standing up to tell a story.
Anika is the best at telling stories. She has a great way of making you believe that everything she says is true.
Elisa is on her bed, scowling. She is holding her homework.
I can’t believe mom is making me to homework on my epic day. It’s not fair.
Elisa looks down at her mother. She appears un moved by her daughter's plea.
Can’t it wait till tomorrow, Mom?

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Author’s Note: I seem to have a plethora of vignettes from playing, but no way to string them together. That being said, I just love these two girls. They make me regret setting the legacy to eldest male. Maybe they’ll do something to convince me otherwise. Who knows, the legacy and this generation are still very young.


  1. I had a similar experience when I first tried to do a legacy. I was so hemmed in by my succession laws. It was strict equality, but I had two lovely guys in successive generations. It upset me so much I didn’t even finish that legacy. I’ll be surprised if I ever use that law again.

    But you never know, giving them a baby brother could be cool. And if they end up great friends, even when they’re grown, the girls will still swing by to visit a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As with all twins, they have totally different personalities! Now to play the guessing game of traits and aspirations! I’m guessing Evelyn is Self-Assured with the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, and maybe Elisa is Outgoing with the Social Butterfly aspiration. Not really sure about Elisa’s trait, but I bet we’ll discover more as we read on!

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  3. Heh, they’re such little sassy things. Are they identical? That closeup of Evelyn seems like she looks a lot like Sam!

    As for the heir decision, you know I’m all for breaking the rukes for the sake of a bit of innocent favoritism haha!


    • They arent truely identical, Evelyn has a rounder face, but they look pretty similar. And since I’m kind and dress them identically…..I’m going with they are and if think they look different then you just are good at telling them apart! 🙂


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