Huffman Legacy 2.10 – Making Room

Karen sat down. The girls were doing their homework at the table, but they both looked up. She paused. How was she going to say this?

“Girls, I have something to tell you.” She wasn’t sure how they would respond. Would they be happy or upset? “You’re going to have a baby brother or sister.”04-28-16_11-24-24 PM

She’d told Sam already as soon as she knew for sure.
04-28-16_11-22-04 PM

04-28-16_11-22-10 PM

He, of course, was thrilled. But they’d talked about having more kids for a while now. Now that the twins were older, Sam had been hoping for her news for days. But they hadn’t wanted to tell the girls until they were sure.

Karen had always wanted a sibling growing up, and Sam loved his sister. But the twins already had each other, was there room for a sibling?

“That’s great, mom!” Evelyn said with a huge smile!

04-28-16_11-24-46 PM

“Brother or sister? Not twins?” Elisa asked.

“No, you two are enough of that. It’s too little to know the sex yet. But we know there’s only one.”

Karen let out a sigh, they seemed okay with the idea. She wasn’t sure exactly why she was worried, but the past few weeks had been rough. Now that they girls were in school, their interests and circles were diversifying. Most of the time it was okay, but when they fought, everyone knew it.

04-21-16_6-32-01 PM

Evelyn was taking it harder than her sister. Elisa was friendly to everyone and made friends easily. Everyone liked Elisa. Evelyn reminded Karen more of herself. More awkward around strangers. She remembered how much she had struggled to make friends in school. When she found one, she hated to give them up.

Watching Sam date other people in high school had been tough.

03-21-16_10-20-17 PM

03-03-16_11-16-08 PM

03-25-16_11-22-29 PM

Even now, a full adult, she still had her moments of doubt. Just last week she’d found Sam and Krysta talking outside the pub while she’d been waiting inside.

04-21-16_8-18-55 PM

After Sam left, Karen couldn’t help but give Krysta a piece of her mind. Just because her marriage was on the rocks wasn’t any cause to try to mess up hers. She’d already had her chance at Sam.

04-21-16_8-21-17 PM

She just knew Krysta still had feelings for Sam. It was obvious especially as she backed off so quickly. Karen found Sam chatting with his sister waiting for her to join them. Dinner had been a little stressed. He knew something was wrong.

04-21-16_8-26-33 PM

That night though when she’d told him how seeing him with Krysta made her feel, he apologized straight away. He said it hadn’t been as bad as it looked. Krysta was just asking after the girls and then they’d gotten to talking about books. And he’d asked her for advice on what to buy Karen for her upcoming birthday.

04-21-16_8-43-17 PM

04-21-16_8-44-48 PM

04-21-16_8-45-39 PM

04-21-16_8-45-45 PM

She had felt bad for losing her temper after that. But he’d shown her how dedicated he was to her. Everyday, she told herself not to worry so much about others. It was obvious that Sam just had eyes for her. But sometimes it was so hard.

Especially when he hung out with his old girlfriends.

04-28-16_11-03-07 PM

So she understood Evelyn’s jealousy of her sister’s friends. It was stupid and irrational. But it was so hard not to see how they threw themselves at Sam. Even though he never realized what they were up to.

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Author Note: Wow, I didn’t mean for that delay – I’ve been sitting on this post mentally for weeks trying to figure out Karen. (She is a tough sim to understand). But despite that she’s defiantly growing on me. My goal will be to have Huffman’s every Thursday so stay tuned!


  1. Poor thing it is so hard when your man is so desirable I mean look at him!! I am glad the twins took the news of their new sibling so well sometimes you never know!! I also understand regarding difficult to understand sims – with me it was Ursula – her aloofness was just so bizarre…

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  2. Poor Karen. It’s gotta be rough. Hopefully with the new baby and all she’ll gain some confidence back. I’m not going to celebrate the twins reaction to the news of a baby yet. A baby, in theory, is one thing… when they see it they may decide they aren’t so happy about it after all!


  3. Karen reminds me of my sister’s man. Because he seems to have some low self-confidence in himself, he gets irrational about her having certain friendships (usually with other men, but sometimes even with girls as well, given how my sister is Pan). She spends most of her time hanging out with her gay male friend as that seems to be the only person that doesn’t “offend” her partner’s sensibilities. It really is sad, since she’s talked to him about it multiple times, but nothing seems to help that “jealous monster” from coming out and making him doubt himself if she spends her time with people that make him feel flawed in some way. -_-;;

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  4. I relised it’s been a while since I last caught up with the Huffmans! Ah, so Karen has the mean trait… That makes me like her a lot more haha, I have such a sof spot for mean sims 🙂 They’re complex creatures!

    I suppose it makes sense why she’d flip that way, she’d been sidelined as just a friend for so long before her and Sam got together, so I can see why she’d get insecure.

    Oh, and more nooboos coming! How will they ever fit in that tiny cottage?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! I love their tiny house!

      And yeah, she’s mean. So she’s a bit insecure around others and hates sharing Sam. I’ve struggled a lot with her. She blows up at all kinds of folk, but rarely ever at her family. Her redeeming trait. She really does love them wholeheartedly.


    • Yes. Complete devotion there. Not the same romance that Chana and Arty had, but no less strong.

      Evelyn – well, I hope so too, she’s a lot shyer than her sister even when I’m trying to help her out with friendships – she’ll go and cue up whims and activities to get her out of there.

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  5. I absolutely love the drama of Karen telling off Krysta!! I totally get what you mean though with autonomously being mean to other sims. One of my sims has the mean trait and I find myself canceling his interactions sometimes when I’m trying to do something. Haha perhaps I should just let him be who he is! 😄

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    • Yeah, Karen’s mean. One of the reason I had Sam resist her pursuit for so long and kept wondering if they’d stay together or if I’d have my first divorce. But even when their relationship takes a hit cuz of jealousy like it does, she never yells at him. Occasions she’ll shout the twins, but it’s much more likely she rounds on whoever else in the house. She’s yelled at almost every guest. :/

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