Charlotte is dressed in a sensible red vest and genes, she's looking at her cell phone for some reason.

Step 2: Producing and Heir on a Tight Budget

The interior of my house, a bedrrom, kitchen (with a counter and a fridge) and the computer, and a full bathroom. Luxury!
It took quite a while to get to this point. Although you’ll note they’re still only eating salads.

Lemongrass moved swiftly up the writer career although she tended to hoard the books she wrote in case she needed to publish them to advance in her job. (To date she now makes about 3000 a day in royalties and is holding onto three bestseller books to sell to the Literary Digest for the extra money). But it wasn’t always so rosy. Early on she’d be lucky to make 200 simoleons. Each time they had enough money to improve the house they’d impoverish themselves again to afford a toilet or a sink. Weeks were spent eating salads until they finally saved enough money for the stove.

When Lemongrass learned she was pregnant there was much rejoicing, although there were plenty of sleepless nights. Would they be able to support a child when they could just barely support their house? How soon could they expand the house to include a children’s room? Plus the obvious questions, boy or girl? In this legacy the heir must be the opposite sex as the parent, they will need at least one boy child.

Charlotte is dressed in a sensible red vest and genes, she's looking at her cell phone for some reason.
Charlotte Pigglewiggle: Bookworm and Rambunctious Scamp
Charlotte and Lemongrass sit on her bed reading a book together. Sadly the ground is grass since we're outside.
Charlotte’s outdoor bedroom. There was a roof overhang, so technically a roof!

Charlotte Pigglewiggle was an adorable baby and a rambunctious child who loved to be read to. There was no dearth of children’s books in this household. Alas, they failed to save enough to give her a proper bedroom (it’s always the bills that get you in the end), but a roof overhang out back worked out until more suitable accommodations could be found. By the time little Austin was ready to leave the crib, Charlotte finally got her bedroom. Of course she had to share it with her baby brother.

Heir Presumptive
Heir Presumptive

Austin Pigglewiggle was born the heir-in-waiting at his birth. He never had to sleep outside like his sister and he did very well in school growing up. He was never the smarted kid in school, but he worked as hard, if not harder, than the rest. Unlike Charlotte’s boundless energy, Austin was quieter and very sensitive, dare I say gloomy? He always cried when Lemongrass read “Tigers under the Bed” while Charlotte jumped on the bed roaring tiger sounds.

When Austin aged up he also gained the exemplar creative trait cementing his heir-apparent status. Only an untimely death can take that away from him now.

Legacy Score: (still) 1

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    • I have a feeling the game didn’t know back then what to do with Lemongrass’s hair color! I never thought to tweak the hair or anything when kids were born. Perhaps teal is secretly blonde? (In another game more recently, I had a mod for kids to inherit dyed colors and Blaze Drifter ended up with his mom’s blue blue hair. 🙂 )

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