Meteor sits in the living room of his new cool warehouse-esk bedroom.

6.1 Meteor Heading for Earth

Mom said she was going to let me take over this several days ago, but she always had an excuse.

It’s Nova’s birthday

A teenage Nova stands in front of her cake, with a sandwhich and her camera phone.
Oh look, a new high score!

Mom got her final promotion.

Dylan walks home in her new career outfit.
Perhaps she’ll be home more often now.

And she aged up to Adult. Which was a good thing cuz the double workout sessions she was doing to get up to level 10 athletics, would NOT have been possible a day later.

Dylan (now and elder) stands with a huge stack of dishes.
I wasn’t going to wash all those dishes.

Galaxy’s going on dates, lots of them.

Galaxy kisses Chase? from next door in the living room.
I walked in on Galaxy’s first first kiss moment, she learned not to entertain dates in the living room.
Galaxy goes in for a hug with the neighbor girl. Recipient of Galaxy's second first kiss.
Later I found her flirting with the neighbor on the stairs.
Galaxy and a tall handsome stranger in front of the house. Galaxy's third first kiss.
Then she brought this guy home from the bar, but I’ve already forgotten his name.

Mom said I’ll get my chance to speak, but I got tired of waiting. After my birthday, I immediately took over the carriage house, it’s been empty since Great Aunt Carmen died. I wasn’t about to stay in the nursery and Galaxy refused to give up her room. I did a lot of redecorating which was much needed. I just wish there was a lock on the door to keep my sister’s out.

When I had my birthday, I wasn’t really sure what my aspiration was going to be. I’m a bit interested in everything. As a kid I studied music, art, a bit of science. I’ve ended up a kind of Jack of all trades and master of none. So I went with Renaissance Sim. It’s not something our family has successfully completed ever. It’s something about it being easier if the Sim grows up in the family and all that job hopping, and bugs and such. But I think the failure has been due to laziness so I’m going for it.

Meteor sits in the living room of his new cool warehouse-esk bedroom.
This is my new home within my home. At least until everyone moves out of MY house.

So, the new bedroom gives me room to pursue my numerous hobbies. It’s also a good way to keep my secret for as long as possible. I think my mom knows, or guesses, she’s perceptive. I’m guessing that’s why she didn’t want me posting yet. Galaxy’s pretty observant as well, but she is a bit distracted by her soulmate ambition especially as she refuses to commit to anything. Amusingly, there’s a sim purge occurring in our town despite the fact there are no sims “out of this world” so the girl or guy is usually gone the next day and she couldn’t commit even if she’d wanted to. Nebula and Nova are both clueless.

Nebula, Dylan, and Meteor sit around the table for dinner.
I think this is when mom figured it out.

Time’s ticking now, only a few more days before MY adult birthday and then I’m in charge around here.

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