8.0: Forgotten

With 8 sims in the family, life’s a little crazy. So crazy in fact, everyone forgot about my birthday. That’s not cool. Although we won’t know for six more days for sure, I’m the current heir designate. What kind of legacy forgets about the heir?

06-17-15_10-05 PM

Well, not anymore. My name is Bane Pigglewiggle and I will not be forgotten again. First off. This garden is pathetic.

06-17-15_10-19 PM

I know no one really cares about it but Uncle Michel and he’s not all there, so to speak. What this garden needs? It needs more cowplants.

06-17-15_10-24 PM-2

That might help cut down on the number of people living here. As heir-presumptive, I want a family of my own you know. And with an 8-sim limit. Someone’s gotta go.

First to go should be my stupid brother Luthor. He’s a bit of a smart-aleck and technically could be the one to ruin my chance at controlling this house. If I could get him to disappear that would be great.

06-17-15_10-31 PM-2My sister can leave as well. Completely useless she is. At least Luthor works as a minion pretty well. All she wants to do is throw parties. Sure we don’t technically have the Party Animal aspiration yet, but still. Three more days until her birthday and then I can kick her her out.

Three more days to find a girl. I don’t know anyone in this town, except the Grim.

06-17-15_11-42 PM

Mom can stay. She’s…scary. She used to be this major crime boss and she quit it to go undercover to work as a spy. I’m pretty sure she’s still in charge of the gangs around here and I don’t want her on my bad side.

06-17-15_10-30 PM

I’m not sure why Mina has chosen to stay. She just celebrated her birthday the other day. Now she’s a proper adult. By staying here she’s stuck too. No family for her. She says she wants to at least top mixology before she leaves.

06-17-15_11-44 PM-3

Honestly, she’s pretty cool and I like having her around. Then there’s Uncle Michel, his wife Kierra and their son, Julienne. They’re taking up important family-making space. But Mom says that Michel stays as long as he wants to. And if he wants his family here, they’re staying. Since I’m not heir, I can’t force the issue…yet.

06-17-15_10-36 PM

Michel’s weird, but he cooks well, and his son’s technically Mina’s 1/2 sibling, but just as crazy as his dad. I see nothing useful in Kierra, but Michel loves her. Sigh. Six more days and then this will all be mine. Then I can fix it all.

06-17-15_11-10 PM

Now this, is the start of something special.

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  1. Where did Bane get that narrow-shoulder look? My gen 7 boy Doug Fir has it, too. We got it from Chandler–we originally got it back in gen 2 from Kyler (remember PV’s narrow shoulders?), then I thought that Cupcake/Linda finally helped us to lose it, and now, Salix would fall for a cute narrow-shouldered guy so it’s back!


    1. Luthor can’t go because he’s way to cute! He’s got the floppy hair!
    2. Of course Mina can’t go!
    3. Can anybody move out?
    4. Cowplants are so cute when they’re calfplants!

    Liked by 2 people

    • The must be from Deshawn? They surprised me too or perhaps an ancestor? I’ll have to look through the gens. He’s going to have to work out to broaden them. The only person I want to rid myself of is Kierra. The rest must stay… Although once Mina reaches the top of mixology…if I can port her out if the game and give her her own story.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bane’s voice is so perfectly evil; I adore it! All that scheming already and he’s not even heir yet.

    That cowplant is super cute but also super deadly! Well, soon to be, anyway…I can enjoy its cuteness for now as a sapling. 🙂 What a partner-in-crime she’ll be for Bane when she grows to full size!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks. I would have never thought I would write from Banes pov…if Luthor takes the heirship I might be upset. And I love how Luthor looks. This is my second cow plant…hopefully it can live for more than a week…

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This was really funny in a dark way…and I kind of sympathize with Bane, somewhere, with his frustration with having so many people in the house and needing to have his own family (I sympathize because of big sim families not because my RL house is full, lol!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s tough, cuz I want to keep all the sims in the family right now. Except maybe Kierra but I wouldn’t kick her out for Michel’s sake. I would do never ever do anything to make Michel sad. Hopefully they can finish their aspirations quick so I can move them out in good conscious, but I fear the cow plant.

      Liked by 1 person

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