Lemongrass and Mitchell share the first bit of cake.

Step 4: Is it too Late for Marriage?

With Austin now an adult, we must soon turn our attention to the next generation. However before we shift our attention away from Lemongrass and Mitchell we will spend a little time celebrating their lifelong romance. One day Mitchell looked at their bank balance and realized not only was there nothing major to be added to the house, but they had saved enough to finally get married and he’d been . Yes, half their children were adults and he’d had slipped into elderhood, but he’d been wanting to marry Lemongrass for some time. They invited everyone they knew and then some.

Lemongrass and Mitchell kiss in the wedding arch while the crowd watches.
Better late than never. Look at that turnout!
Lemongrass and Mitchell share the first bit of cake.
I tried to get a little closer to their faces. I was hoping they’d wear the formal gear I’d picked out for them. Oh well.

It was a huge success and the dancing and celebrations went on until midnight! They decided to have it in the park as their home was far too small for such an event. Plus that way they’d only have to play for the ceremony itself. I do plan to create a little wedding chapel someday on the lot, but even with a healthier bank account, it wasn’t time for that yet. Plus no matter how romantic Lemongrass is, she didn’t want to waste money on something that obviously wan’t a high priority for her. She would have been fine staying engaged forever rather than spending the money to get married.

Mitchell performs the sims-patented "passionate kiss" sweeping Lemongrass into his arms for a dip kiss.
This is just before Mitchell aged up to elder.

Mitchell is still very much in love with his wife – I hope my future couples are so adorable, give them enough time by themselves and they’ll be flirting up a storm. He’ll soon reach the top of the Chef career and is cooking with the fresh fish Austin catches and the fresh vegetables Conan is cultivating. His dreams of being a star comedian have stalled. I blame him being too lazy to work hard on it, he blames the fact that every time he goes to the park no one listens to him or tips him for his routines.

Lemongrass sits at a PROPER desk with bookcases, books and other writer-y stuff.
Lemongrass’s first study ever. No more computer in the kitchen!

Lemongrass reached the top of her career and is a well-known as a respected children’s book author (with the occasional romance slipped in under a pen name). She built herself a proper study to celebrate and finally moved the computer out of the kitchen. The family can now use the table to eat at! As for her aspiration, she needs her kids to start marrying off and breeding. Arthur is the only one who’s even trying at the moment.

Legacy Score: 4 (soooo close to being a 5)

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    • You will not believe how many of my sims fail at marriage. Lol. It’s a running theme, I fear. I now have marriage as an autonomous action just in case, and half the time they elope at the back of the house even if I was planning marriage.

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