Nikita and AJ playing chess.

Step 14: Full House

One of the problems with playing a full house, is you have to sit back and just watch for mood spikes. I didn’t manage to take nearly enough screenshots during this time and I’m not nearly as in tune with the kids’ personalities.

NIkita in front of her birthday cake, ready to blow out the candles.
I forgot to take Nikita’s post-birthday shot. Actually I was so busy I forgot to take screenshots of this era at all.

Coral immediately got pregnant again after the birth of baby Boris. With only one school day and the weekend before Nikita’s teen birthday, we concentrated on getting her an A first and then spent the weekend slamming through creativity. She drank potions, and spent hours at the computer. But there was enough time to become best friends with her brother AJ and trounce Boris in chess.

Boris aged up and took Bond’s place as heir designate when he got the illusive creative trait. The last three kids: Nikita, AJ, and Boris all take after their father with pale skin and dark eyes. So unless Bond gets creative when he becomes young adult, we may finally have to say goodbye to my founder’s eye color. Coral gave birth again (this time without spending 8 hours at work first) and gave birth to baby Natasha and still not twins. I wonder if I’m just unlucky in my attempts or if there’s another step I can take to help promote twin births.

Natasha and Boris become best friends forever.
Not twins, but I just had to make Boris and Natasha BFFs.

I’ve been neglecting Coral’s party wishes, but we’re going to start having birthday parties all over town and see if I can’t continue working on her aspiration as well as my personal aspiration. Coral got pregnant one last time as I started frantically caring for all the various needs in my family, once little Austin was born it didn’t make the house less full – in fact now I’ve hit the cap of 8 sims. Some days it was all I could do to make sure no one went to bed miserable and some kind of homework got done.

Cason achieved his painters aspiration and maxed the painting career and then started on the writing aspiration so he spends most of the time in the inspiration room and in the painters t-shirt that is his work clothes. Once he hits elderhood, I’ll have to take a look at his life span since he’s not the healthiest Sim I have. We may be giving him a youth potion and have him go through elderdom twice so we can have/adopt four more kids. Coral is days away from achieving level 10 of her spy career, and with my new plan of birthday parties everywhere we should finally get her to the next level of her aspiration.

Natasha aged up with her mother’s coloring and with the same traits as AJ: Geek Social butterfly. Her little brother Austin also got Geek social butterfly. I’m thinking I may need to refresh the browser with the trait generator rather than keeping my parents in it. Did you see what it’s done? I have six children and the last four all have the social butterfly aspiration. Have you see the last step of that aspiration? Make 3 more adult friends and 5 more kid friends (existing friends don’t count, teenagers don’t count). Cry.

Natasha works on making her 5 kid friends.
Hi will you be my friend, please. And don’t age up for a while. Thanks.

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  1. Oh, my, poor you … I hate that social aspiration for kids, it’s so annoying. Especially with so many kids! But the random trait generator can tricky sometimes… In my legacy, four of Snow White’s seven children rolled artistic aspiration as kids and all three sons ended up with Soulmate aspiration. Talk about stereotype… 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ha! Soulmates for Disney boys. That sounds about right. I’m glad they edited the aspiration requirements in. It might be less difficult now, but it was impossible back then unless the kid was a Wonderchild.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I forget everything they changed. It was one of the early updates. But some of it had to do with fixing the school requirements so you could actually get an A and I think they fixed it so current friends counted. If you make 3 adult friends before the 3rd level of social butterfly they didn’t count. I still wait until the end to befriend my 5 kids because teenagers don’t count. I feel like the update was back in November or something.

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