Reef is checking out his new baby.

Step 12: Everything Happens at Once

Bond aged up in a flurry of sparkles and we were all eager to see what kind of child he’d be.

Bond has his father's short black hair, but he has the Pigglewiggle eyes!
Still got those Pigglewiggle grass-green eyes!

Bond takes after his aunt Charlotte with the bookworm trait and the rambunctious scamp ambition. Reef took his uncle responsiblities to heart and was always available to help out with homework, play chess, or read to Bond. Not to mention keeping an eye on little Nikita who was born soon after Bond aged up. I’m pretty sure he was the only one who remembered she’d been born – I know I forgot about her a couple times. When he wasn’t busy watching the kids, he continued his violin practice (writing a lovely folksy tune in memory of his mother, Hilary) and deepening his relationship with his girlfriend who comes by almost every day.

The Pigglewiggles (and Reef's GF) all eating. at the same time
Look at that, 6 at a table and all eating!

I only had to convince two of them not to sit at the kitchen bar instead. And yes, that’s Reef’s girlfriend sitting next between Cason and Reef. Coral gave birth to her second child Nikita and got pregnant again. (I’m not sure if I’m going for 10 kids in one generation, but if she starts having twins, I’ll definitely consider it.)

Coral holds up Nikita for the first time.
It’s a girl!

Reef proposed to Alejandra.

Reef, on one knee, proposes to his girlfriend.
Will you?

And she said yes! Not a moment too soon.

Reef is checking out his new baby.
All the Pregnancies belong to me!

I moved her family into a house for safekeeping. Although Reef continues to live at home.We held in this pattern for a while, skilling, incubating, waiting. And then everything happened all at once. First Nikita aged up. She’s a bit of a slob but she’s says that neatness is the antithesis of creativity (which is her aspiration).

CAS shot of Nikita with dark black hair pulled into a pony tails. She doesn't have the Pigglewiggle eyes.
La Femme

Then in the middle of the night, Reef got a call from Alejandra that his son, Benjamin had just been born. He can’t wait to meet him, but he had to as travel is not allowed during a birth. Coral didn’t let a small thing like labor keep her from work (and from getting a promotion) and waited all day before returning home to welcome AJ to the Pigglewiggle family.

Coral snuggles AJ...or Nikita.
AJ Pigglewiggle, second son. Or maybe Nikita? I got my photos messed up.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny (like all days before weather is introduced into the game). Bond and Nikita were playing on the monkey bars before school. Reef was talking to his girlfriend on the phone, asking after Benjamin, Coral was making breakfast while Cason slept in. Austin was upstairs taking a bath and Conan was tending to his garden. Just your typical Pigglewiggle day. Then Grim came calling. Which we all expected as both Austin and Conan were well into their elder years. He took Conan mid-tend.

Conan dies of old age, outdoors in his almost perfect garden.
A different kind of Harvesting.

The kids were off to school and so they missed the excitement, but Coral caught the end of the death. Then late that night, after everyone was back from work, Grim returned.

Austin raises his hand in greeting as Grim arrives.
Austin Pigglewiggle, generation 2. Fisher, Collector, Gamer.

Legacy Score:29

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Legacy Update: House and Points Update


    • Don’t feel bad. Humor is what helps you through the sadnesses. That and one of my favorite fantasy character is Death from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. So I think fondly on grim reapers more than I probably should as it keeps taking away my sims….But it’s got a freezer bunny book of death. There’s a story there I’m sure.


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